Poverty is bad

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Because it is a restriction of liberty: The freedom to choose where, how, and with what material goods, you want to live.
Although poverty is often cited as a cause of crime, statistics show that children of the rich are just as likely to become criminals. (Factoring out gangs, in which criminality becomes a social norm.)
Many poor people blame the rich, because the rich control the means of production, and therefore the jobs, and money, but a capitalist system provides more opportunities to take part in, or improve, the means of production than any other (known) economic system.
Many rich people blame the poor for being the cause of their own predicament: They say: "Poor people simply need to learn a trade, a profession, or start a business."
But they fail to realize that any of this, requires money, which presupposes involvement in the means of production already!poverty is not bad, it is good. Put a different spin on this paper, your professor will not expect it and therefore he will not be able to compare it to other essays, which will make it seem like your essay is better than it really is. Here are some pointers to get you started:
Why is poverty good? because the things you own end up owning you!
The liberation from material possestions will realign your preception of the world
Reject the basic assumption of civilization, especially the importance of material possestions
you are not the car you drive, you are not the clothes you wear, you are not your 1700 square foot condo.
Self improvement is masturbation, self destruction is life.


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