Do's and Don'ts on Steemit

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There are things that you ought to do and there are others too which ought not be finished. These post exhortation are on Steemit achievement in short or long haul. If you follow them, it is likely that you will outflank others.

  • Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately

Novices have the issue of doing these things. I was a casualty too beforeI took in my exercise of finding out. If the fact remain that you are a beginner, you ought to entirely quit doing these things quickly. If you are not new, why are you doing it?
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  1. Blind Following:
    One of the greatest Steemit mistakes user do is blind following. When you follow individuals without taking a gander at what they are about, blind following is the thing that you are doing. Aimlessly tailing others is dangerous in light of the fact that it support your encourage with low quality posts originating from individuals you never attempted to think about. Know who you following. Take after quality Steemians and cooperate with them.
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  2. Mass Following:
    Mass following means following gigantic number of user. It is not the same as blind following in light of the fact that it concerns the quantity of individuals instead of their character or quality. Be that as it may, blind following is the definite guilty party behind mass following too. I have seen individuals who take after a huge number of profiles, might be in the want to get follower back. However, it not only fills their feed with crap but also the followers gotten this way are of no use to them. The best follower are the ones who tail you out of enjoying or motivation. since you shared something which they discovered valuable. In a mess of so many people, you become irrelevant. Do not mass follow!

  3. Valueless Comments:
    Do you have follower who increase the value of your blog or substance through their point by point comment and profound interaction? Think about these circumstance: Do you like it when somebody leaves a totally unessential comment on your post? Do you like when individuals simply type two words or only single word as comment? Would you mind if somebody copy a comment containing connection to his profile, asking for follower??
    place yourself in those circumstances. Do you think it is of any advantage or important to others if you leave futile comment on their posts? Actually you won't care for such comment on your posts thus, you shouldn't be originator of such comment on others' post too.
    Steemit rewards value expansion. If a man do not increases the value of Steemit or you, why follow him/her?
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  4. Repulsing Good Steemians:
    The most exceedingly terrible activity is to naturally repulse great Steemians as a result of posting awful substance or doing any of the things said above in this post. For what reason would the sparkling stars of Steemit collaborate with you? For what reason would they want to upvote your posts? Stop the follow pattern. Begin associating highly and you'll wind up in great condition on Steemit. Try not to constrain great people to say GO AWAY to you

  • Associate and Add Value

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If there's one key to Steemit achievement, it is cooperation and that is the important one. It is specifically identified with winning on Steemit.
Some tips for quality association are:-

  • Continuously comment on the posts that you read.
  • While commenting, remember the subject of that post and compose an applicable comment.
  • Try not to duplicate comment . Spam comment will never encourage you (or anybody).
  • Continuously answer to everybody who comment on your posts.
  • Try not to request follow. Individuals will consequently follow you if you include value and contribute.
  • make sure to add value and contribute whether you are composing posts or comment.
  • Visit your feed frequently and comment , upvote, resteem the best substance out there.
  • Don't resteem everything. Remember that your adherents will unfollow you if you continue spamming their feed.
  • Upvote extraordinary comment to recognize the effort of your fellow Steemians.
  • Join a community:
    Association is best gotten from familiarity and community. So community on steemit are made for some type of user. For steemians to grower you have to explore the platform to know with community are actively fit and welcoming for you to join. The minnowsupportproject is a community for minnow to interact and get post promotion. I will advice newbies to join the minnow support project (MSP). If I knew of it from the very beginning i might have been a whale by now(just joking). MINNOW SUPPORT PROJECT is a community here on these platform that believe they are responsible to help the minnow make something on their post so as not to feel discouraged on the platform. For more information on msp community check
  • Don't Upvote Yourself All the Time

Self voting has done incredible harm to the platform already. That is the motivation behind the thought of the undertaking smackdown in which an account downvotes the user who upvote their own comment. How about we take a gander at it for understanding perspective.
Hard Fork 19 has changed the voting power consumption process keeping in mind the end goal to make single votes all the more effective. It brought about one full (100 %) vote expending 2 % of residual voting power. There's another huge obstruction as well. User with under 500 Steem Power (SP) can not modify their voting weight so the main decision they have is to vote at 100 %, that implies only 50 votes in 5 days or only 10 votes in 1 day. At 2 % control utilization for every vote, 100 % power will be expended in 50 votes. There's is shortage of votes and this had prompted a shortage attitude accross the minnow group, particularly the general population with under 500 SP. That is the reason individuals self vote! Self voting implies that individuals are not getting upvotes from others regardless of how much effort they put in or how good their substance is. Self voting is killing the community aspect of steemit

  • Best Tips for Steemit Success

This is extraordinary do's of steemit and hints to improve your Steemit experience. if you require more rewards, follower and reputation, help yourself out and follow these astonishing tips.
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  • Be Generous and Create Value:
    Steemit is tied in with including value and being liberal. The more value you give, the more you get. Have faith in the idiom about liberality.
    The more you give, the more you get.
    I think the secret of the whales to being big is hard work and generosity.

  • Post High Quality Content
    Your Steemit achievement rotates around making significant post. If you are thinking about how to do that, just be you self giving out the best of what the platform need.

  • Spotlight on Learning, not Earning: images (8).png
    There is nobody on the planet who won't concur with these words. Be that as it may, only the agreement doesn't serve any great. To guarantee your most extreme achievement, put your greatest spotlight on adapting to an ever increasing content and not on money money money.

  • Try not to Compare or Compete:
    Steemit isn't a prominence challenge or a notoriety rivalry. Try not to center around an ever increasing number of follower or reputation. Focus rather on DOING WORK that can prompt more user and increase reputation.

  • Monitor Your Progress images (15).jpeg
    Not comparing or competing doesn't mean ignoring everything though. The best individual to analyze yourself with is your yesterday form. Monitor things that occur on your blog, record and wallet. If your supporters and reputation are increasing, you're going great. Improve what you're doing.

  • Try not to Go After Favors
    Try not to expect a favour back . In case you're the person who give out help just to receive some help, individuals won't care for this characteristic in you. Be liberal and witness the enchantment. Some user in these form request for a follow back that has no meaning. Requesting politely or inviting someone's attention appropriately is okay but spamming and always looking for favors is definitely not.

  • Need More Rewards? Put More Efforts images (16).jpeg
    Your prizes will never be more than your exertion. Attempt more effort to get rewards. A portion of the things you can attempt are:-

  • Make brilliant substance.

  • Be unique.

  • Connect with others.

  • Give valuable feedback to others.

  • Don't Resteem Crappy Content Even if It's by Your Mum
    You are advised not to resteem awful quality posts regardless of whether originating from individuals near you. Serving terrible quality presents to your followers will hurt your notoriety and standing. Subsequently, all Steemians are prompted not to trade off quality and innovation when composing posts.

  • Draw in with People Having Similar Interests to Yours
    Continuously move close with individuals with same interests as yours. Watch out for new, hot, and trending posts (in general and furthermore in the points of your advantage). This is the place a large portion of follower and thoughts will originate from. Interacting with unknown people will make them friends, supporters and followers.

  • Go for Quality over Quantity, Always! download (11).jpeg
    In whatever you do on Steemit, quality is constantly preferable to have over quantity. QUALITY of follower/upvotes is more critical than their QUANTITY. You can get many votes and only a little reward or you can procure a major reward from only few votes. See your blog to get an individual evidence. Keep this as a top priority and discover great user, interface with them and motivate them to follow you.


These points may appear to be inconceivably straightforward yet by following them, you can get striking accomplishment on Steemit in no time. I wish you good luck

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I have joined less than a month ago.. sure it is hard to earn on this platform, but as everyone says keep contributing, follow quality content and later money will flow.
All the best :)

Well done @ylich. Such a well formatted post. And very good advice.
@meno could you have a look to this post?