Space Cake Curation time! [week 6]

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~welcome aboard~


Every other week, I team up with my @helpie pals and spread some @helpiecake love! Let's get baking!




1. Censorship

  • The cake may be light and fluffy but this post is anything but! I may or may not have given this one some cake myself, just so I can include it here. Guilty! It's a hawt topic featuring freedom of press, Julian Assange, and a steemian I have just recently stumbled upon! She has some pretty entertaining content which I highly recommend you sink your teeth into! Thank you, @skycorridors for covering such an important topic in this day and age.




2. Freedom of the Press

  • I felt you guys deserve a second helping of this topic. This time, from @clayboyn's perspective. It's always fun to see what the Clay bae has to say. Go on, you know you wanna jump through the wormhole. Clicky clicky




3. Key Ingredients

  • Sugar. Spice. And Freedom of speech! I kinda have a theme going here. @macchiata does not disappoint with this one! Her posts are usually pretty dank though. She covers what it takes to make good quality content and to hold your own in this here steemiverse. Very important topic to me especially when she tackles freedom of speech . I definitely chose these top 3 for a reason.




4. Paradigm Shift

  • When you have a dollar but you need quarters, what do you do? CREATE THE CHANGE. @jaynie nails the topic of not just being the change, but creating it, especially when it comes to the steemiverse. PREACH. This paradigm ain't gonna shift itself! 😉




5. Spring Time Feels🍓

  • And now for something completely different! I've been feeding you these strawberry feels this whole time! Ready for more?! Of course you are! If you've never gone strawberry picking, you can live vicariously through @plantstoplanks. Thank me later. 😄




  • Thank you for stopping by and letting me bake up some cake for your nomming pleasure! Til next time...


~Peace Out~^-^

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Excellent curation! There's some good stuff here, definitely!

I lovw the way how you wrote it. Not exaggerating but it's very lovable to read, so here's a token for you.


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Thanks for the feature. I find it odd that this isn't a bigger issue than it is for people... but I suppose it is what it is.


I think people are genuinely scared, happily numb, or bliss-fully unaware. It truly is what it is at the moment. I'm hoping this kawaii post will soften the impact for those just now figuring out what's going on around them.


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Keep up the great work!


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