[Mind+Body+Soul] Space Stace Curation [week2]

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  • This week's curation, powered by @minnowsupport, was accomplished through exploring the mindfulness, selfcare, and spirituality tags. I already follow these tags through GINA bot. Thank you Gina. She's kind of like a virtual assistant of sorts. Kinda neat. Alrighty then, let's get to this week's picks!


1. Believe in Yourself

  • This one is by @mistysummers , a new steemian on the block chain that I've stumbled upon through following the selfcare tag. In this post is a quick video that can really shift your focus and mindset on tapping into the source of your power by remembering to believe in yourself. Short and effective. Perfect for the morning to set your focus for the day ahead or maybe before you drift off to dream land.


2. Limitless Possibilities

  • @ourdailyboard reminds us that we set our limits, and that it takes courage to reach our full potential beyond those perceived limits. I've purposefully chosen these quick reads because it only takes a minute to change the trajectory of your life.


3. Face Your Fears

  • @consciousangel7 has provided a sitting meditation along with some beautiful nature photography that really goes hand in hand. Meditation is very important to me when it comes to practicing mindfulness. I haven't worked it into the daily routine but I think it's about that time I get back to it.



4. Perception and Meditation

  • @bewithbreath is coming through with the low down on meditation and brainwaves but not in a long, drawn out kind of way. We're keeping it simple this round. I believe there is quality in simplicity in this case. I was so happy to see the image explaining what the alpha/beta/theta/gamma waves are. Came across those brain waves when @mfxae86 mentioned them.




  • @steelborne walks us through becoming free as he dives into why social norms can get in the way of becoming truly free. I saved this one for last to leave you with some final thoughts as you read on. Are you truly as free as you perceive yourself to be?



Thank you for checking out these posts! I might stick with the mind+body+soul theme next week or switch it up. We shall see! This was been an MSP curation with you captain, Space Stace. Hope you enjoyed your visit through the steemisphere. I'll see you next week.

Peace ✌️💖



*The five gifs were created by me through the Photo Lab app for Android


Another good curation post!
You should also think about doing more posts about msp waves shows like you were doing. You could just highlight a couple of the shows instead of trying to do them all. :-)

I agree. I'm thinking about reviving it but just one show a week or maybe focusing on just one show and encouraging others to become an MSPWaves reviewer 🤷 still brainstorming. I'm leaning more towards reviewing one show per week with an MSPWaves promo at the end

Yeah, that would be a good idea.

I just saw this! I love it, Thank you beautiful! ;))

No problem! Thanks for the awesome content I get to share with everyone 😊

Thanks for the love! Really enjoyed this post and found a bunch of new inspiring people to follow including yourself. Many thanks, Happy full Moon and Spring Equinox 💜

Thank you for creating and inspiring valuable content! Happy to share the love 💖 Beautiful pictures in your post. It really made me miss hiking.

Love dis new style you re active and creative you doin a great JOB i did take a look for these posts they deserve it to be on your list

Awe thank you bembel! ✌️💖

Thank you for what your doing here @staceyjean. I’ve followed you since I found you and now have other like minded individuals to follow as well. We could all use some self-care and perspective from time to time so pulling together posts for those looking is pretty awesome. Thanks for the the call out and mention as well.

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You're very welcome steelborne! I was happy to find your content under the tags I was following. And I totally agree! Selfcare and exploring perspectives is so helpful and potentially healing ✌️💖

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🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 THANK YOU 4 bringing it all together! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♂️

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You're welcome 😀🤗✌️💖

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