TIMM Top Contributor rollandthomas talks markets and crypto on the Music and Money Show Tomorrow!

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It's time to talk crypto and investing again and who better to join me then @rollandthomas! In this interview we talk about how to find where the "smart money" is investing and share some of our own crypto investing adventures, plus so much more!

The Music and Money Show.jpg

This week on..

The Music and Money Show (1).jpg

- The Investing Quick Tip

- The Crypto Market Check (did crypto just do a full round trip?)

- Interview with steemit and TIMM contributor @rollandthomas (this guy is passionate about investing!)

- And course we need some music on the music and money show!

You can find it all Tuesday at 4pm EDT (8pm UTC) on MSPWaves Radio.


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@scaredycatguide looking forward to this at 4pm sound interesting.

We try to share some knowledge and have some fun for sure!

Exciting will definitely try to join that than.

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Look forward to hearing this tomorrow! Have it on my calendar!

TIMM's excited!
Rolland's a class act. Don't miss it!

You just got a TIMM Tip, @scaredycatguide!

Yessssss! @timm in the house. I look forward to producing value add content on the mentor platform going forward! :-)

We do too!
Was the show recorded?

I had a blast doing the show @scaredycatguide thanks for having me as a guest.

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