The Scaredy Cat Investor Show is Live on Tuesday at 8pm UTC (3pm EDT) And We Need Your Questions for an Upcoming Interview!

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This will be an interactive one to kick off the re-branded show. We need to audience request for questions to be asked about a future interview and blockchain related project!


This week we will discuss an upcoming ICO on a blockchain project called You can read the white paper here: simplyBrand Whitepaper

More Importantly:

  • I'm taking your questions for the upcoming interview with the firms CEO.

Tell me what you want to know about the project and the ICO!

You can listen in and join audience chat on our discord channel:

MSP Waves Broadcast:
Audience Chat:



You are doing great work @Scaredycatguide, keep the momentum going.

Question 1 - with over 80% of ICO failing, why should investors invest in SimplyBrand?

Question 2 - if and when the mainstream co. like Amazon/Ebay get into E-commerce via blockchain, will this be a threat or testimony for your business model and why?

Appreciate the feedback buddy!

You should post the transcript or recording on TIMM!

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I will for sure, but I need to come up with good interview questions first before I get the green light to host the interview. Ugh, I hate reading white papers (and more so have zero time this week). Audience help me kindly :-)

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