The Music and Money Show: Launch Episode - Show Notes, Quick Tips and more....Listen Here!

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Greeting my friendly steemians. The first episode of The MSP Waves Radio Music and Money show is in the books!

It was a whirlwind getting all the needed ducks in a row, but outside of a couple hiccups, the show didn't turn out half bad.

Hope those that listened enjoyed - don't hesitate to leave feedback below (I can take it!)

For those that missed it - a link to the recording is below (less the handful of songs played for legal reasons)

Music and Money Show

Tuesday's at 8pm UTC (4pm EST)

Here's the rundown of what was discussed:

  • Quick Tip of the Week - Credit Report and tracking Net Worth
  • Check on the Crypto market (BTC, ETH, LTC, STEEM)
  • Q&A with the audience
  • Interview with veteran trader & coach Pete Renzulli from Trading Education Blogs

You can see more from our guest at Trading Education Blogs

Link to the Show!

Don't forget to check the MSPWaves Radio schedule for other great shows!

Coming up today - @Ma1neevent hosts his live steemit interviews and content trends show at 8pm UTC (4pm EST) followed by @crimsonclad as she gets your blood pumping with Full Force Thursday, where hard rock and metal rules!

You can always find more from me on the website or on my steemit blog.

Thanks ya'll!
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So cool Scaredy, I've listened to 20 min so far!


Yesssssss! That was the launch episode so improvements will be made :-) Let me know when you can do a 30-45 min skype call or discord voice chat with me. I know our convo will make for good radio and we get to put your username out there to the steemit universe.

Money and Music...I love it man :D


Thanks man! My favorite two things! :-)

Another great MSP Waves Show Premiere by another one of our great show hosts! Come see the full schedule of more than 17 shows and 20 DJs so far at!

Well done Mr. Catguide!

Awesome job @scaredycatguide - I love being part of MSPWaves!


Thanks! :-)

thanks for the shoutout! You did a great job. I enjoyed listening to the new yawkers tell me how to stop sucking at handling money~ 😂


Haha, well I just posted today's show agenda. Interviewed a buddy originally from New Jersey this time (slowly working down the Was supposed to be a steemit user, but he was under weather so fell back on my NY/NJ boys!

And of course a shout out! :-)

Congrats SCG on Your Show !!

Cheers !!


Thanks, it was fun and a little exhausting (haha) all that the same time! :-)