Come Listen to The Music and Money Show w/ Steem Monsters very own @yabapmatt Tuesday @8pm UTC (4pm EDT)

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The game is starting to spread like wildfire so it was time for the cat to have on one of the creators. Steem Monsters co-creator @yabamatt joined me for an interview!

This week on...

The Music and Money Show (1).jpg

- The Crypto Market Check (bitcoin pushing above a key level, can it hold?)

- Weekly Quick Tip (I'll think of something before the show!)

- Interview with @yabapmatt where we talk blockchain soft consensus, steem monsters, SMT's and more!

All happening at 8pm UTC (4pm EDT)!!!

Brought to you by @msp-waves radio and the @minnowsupport project!


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It is actually pretty addicting and great to spend some time away from price charts and news! I’m looking forward to the gameplay!


Yeah, it seems to be catching on like wildfire!