Ma1ne & Snekky interviewing @themarkymark & @jrswab! Be there and don't miss anything!

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Ma1ne and Snekky

Join us LIVE on
September 12, 2018
From 10pm to midnight utc
Or 6pm to 8pm eastern.


It's WEDNESDAY and that means its time for a new episode of Ma1ne & Snekky!! The Ma1ne and Snekky show will be coming to you LIVE from MSP-waves and we hope you will join us for a two hour ride of fun and steem talk!

We plan to focus our show on YOU, the Steem Community. We will discuss various topics each week, and chat with the live audience about their thoughts. We will welcome audience members to join us on air for quick inputs and thoughts as well.

Today we are going to interview 2 wonderful guests!

Our first guest will be @themarkymark! Most know him as a Steemwitness and one the great names behind Buildawhale! But did you know he is also the creator of !popcorn and !pancakes? We are hoping to hear all about his adventures and updates on what he has been doing on the Steemit platform!

Our second guest will be @jrswab, also a Steem winess on the platform! His main reason to join us is to talk about a new project he is working on called :Nebulus! You can read about it HERE He will tell us all about on the show this evening so be sure not to miss his interview!

Will you join us tonight?

We know you really want to be there!

We would really love to see you there!
You can chat with us and the other audience members on MSP/Pal in the audience chat room

Chatting with the audience during the show brings us lots of happiness! We really like to hear how you feel about the subject we talk! Perhaps you would like to jump on air with us?


You can also listen to the show on

You can also find us on Dlive! You can go there throught the @msp-waves acount here on Steemit!

We would appreciate your input!

What would you like to hear us talk about on the show?
Maybe you can give us some feedback about the shows from the past?
Do you like the show and why?
What can we do to make the show better?


Disclaimer: The statements made on this show are only our opinions. We are not experts in anything, and this is not advice of any kind. Always do your own research. This show is for entertainment purposes only.

MSPWaves Radio and its owners take no responsibility for the opinions or statements made by the talk show host or their guests. Statements or show topics are not necessarily the beliefs of the radio station. The material on this show is provided for educational and informational purposes only.
@Ma1neEvent & @PoeticSnake


Don't miss out!! Be there!!


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