📌 Post Up 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 03/25 ➖ Thursdays 🕚 11PM UTC live on MSP Waves 🌊. Curation, Engagement, Prizes! 💲

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📌 Post Up 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 03/25 ➖ Thursdays 🕚 11PM UTC live on MSP Waves 🌊. Curation, Engagement, Prizes! 💲


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Post Up is a live curation podcast. Audience members are invited to present a post from any social media platform or blog. The post can be yours or someone else's as long as it contains original meaningful content. Posts may consist of audio/visual or written content. Mature content is acceptable, with discretion, as long as a NSFW warning is provided. On the show, we encourage follows, upvotes, likes and comments. Each week, the audience will select the top three posts to receive a prize of cash or crypto. All posts presented will be curated for our blog. Get ready to Post Up!

📌 Post Up - Thursdays 🕚 11PM UTC

Hosted by JP Steinberg

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You can listen and watch on mspwaves.com
To participate, join our live chat in the PAL Discord


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📌 Post Up March 2021/03/25

Aaaargh! I'm in a terrible rush and having to do this post while being driven to a chirpractor appointment, badl needed, and a quick meeting at Nu Gen International farm where we will be doing our zero waste and sustainability group every Friday beginning next weekend. Some very exciting stuff! Also been super busy learning more how to use Facebook, Instagram and Google to advertise a business, or anything for that matter. It's been somewhat exhausting, but fun and rewarding at the same time. Not that I've seen the monetary rewards just yet, that takes time. But I can see how it works and see the incredible potential. Well, not sure what all that has to do with Post Up, except to say that soon I will be translating all that I've been learning to the more creative endeavors in mine and my family's life. And that will ultimately help increase the reach of this blog and the shows I do and will in turn help everyone along who I'm associated with on Hive. At least that's the plan. I even started listening to a really solid series of podcasts on data and ecommerce. I won't say much about it now, it's great content for a Flew Shot post, perhaps next week.

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Reminder, if you're sharing content which lives on a blockchain, be sure the post is under the respective payout period so that we can support with upvotes.


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