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Good day and welcome to my blog. I certainly hope this message finds you and yours well. Today is my official return to podcasting after a mostly unintended two month hiatus. Long story, which I will share with you on the air.

Starting today I intend to do live curation of posts during the show. Please DM me any posts you feel should get some shine and I will do my best to get to it. Do not worry if I don't, I may not have time for every one and I could still curate it in my after-show post. Each week I may recap a bit of what goes on in the @steemitramble and Whaleshares.

To hear the show you can stream via http://www.mspwaves.com and/or you can join us in a live Discord chat.

Today I will be joined by @joedukeg of @celfmgazine. I may also be joined by @hebrewhousewife to talk about the seed carousel that has been making the rounds among the community which is now in my possession. My wife and I are going to select seeds out of it which we can grow for fall and winter. If so, I would like to select the next recipient during the show. If we don't get to do this today, we will surely set it up for next week.

Thank you for your continued support and i look forward to having a great show with you all!

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I had such good intentions! Darn technology. Next week I will be better prepared.


Well it turns out it was my settings that were screwy! No worries. See ya next week...

sorry brother, i was feeling really bad. im better today, let me know if you want to have me in your next show!