🎤 🎧 Ma1neEvent Interviews Show Recap 11/15/17 - Voice Chats with Three more Steemit Members! (Audio)

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We love hearing your Steemit Stories
on the @Ma1neEvent Interviews Show
on @MSP-WAVES Radio!

Welcome friends!


(Artwork by @poeticsnake)

We have another great show in store for you this week!

Every Wednesday Night from 10pm - Midnight UTC, @Ma1neEvent and @PoeticSnake chat with and interview different members of the Steemit Community! It is always a ton of fun getting to know everyone better, and learn what brought them here to Steemit!

Anyone is welcome to be on the show... from the new members, to the minnows, up to the witnesses and whales!

We chat with them about what they think of the platform, what they write about, and much more. The conversations are always a lot of fun, and the audience gets to interact with us live as well!

You can hear the radio show each week LIVE by joining the Peace, Abundance, & Liberty Server on Discord, Then joining the MSPW Listening Room. The PAL Server is the home of the @MinnowSupport Project. We enourage anyone who hasn't yet to check out the @MinnowSupport Project, it is a wonderful community of Steemit users, and a great place to learn, network, and chat with your fellow Steemit Members!

Find out more about the @MSP-Waves Radio Station by following them on Steemit, or visiting MSPWaves.com.

We had three members
of the Steemit Community
Join us this week:


First up on the show we were joined by the Legend himself, @Gmuxx, freshly back from his trip to SteemFest2!

@GMuxx is a well known and liked member of the Steemit Community, who is very active in the Writers Block group on Discord, and also is the founder of the @Muxxybot Curator group! He also has a weekly show alongside his co-host and Steemit Witness @Swelker101! Check out his blog for more about this community leader on Steemit!

Joining us next was a reletively new Steemit user, @TinyPaleoKitchen!

She talked to us about her experience so far with joining Steemit, her love of writing, cooking, a new joy of painting, and more! Please join us in welcoming this talented new member to Steemit Community!

Last but of course not least, we were joined by @Reko!

He told us about his adventures searching for food to try to help others in need, his passion being involved in a de-centralized farmers market, and more! A fun conversation with an up and coming Steemit user!


Thank you to all of you for coming on the show!

If you would like to join us as a guest on the show and tell us your Steemit Story, please send @Ma1neEvent a message on Discord, or leave a comment below! We would love to chat with you about your Steemit Experience!

You can check out MSPWAVES.com to find out more about @MSP-Waves Radio, and all of the various other shows!


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Until Next week, this is @Ma1neEvent, Signing off!

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Great show @ma1neevent, was a blast listening to and thanks for letting me join in at the end! :)


Thank you for coming on the show tonight @Reko! It was a lot of fun to chat with you!

It was a great show and what a bunch of amazing guests we had!
Thank you again for a great show! <3 <3


Thank you for all of your help as always @poeticsnake!

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Hey I am glad you enjoyed the show @Dogeo! Thanks for listening! Feel free to resteem!

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

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I had a lot of fun, thanks for having me on.


Thank you so much for being on the show @Gmuxx, it was a pleasure!


Thank you so much @myeasin, appreciate you listening and commenting! Feel free to resteem so others may hear it as well!

This is cool! Glad I came across your post. Look forward to checking it out.


Happy you found the show @jewels3! I hope you enjoy listening to it! Check us out live next week!


Will do!

Listening to it as I ride the train always enjoy your interviews 👍😎👍

I will make sure to listen in on your show!! Again, this is a great service to the community! upvoted :)


Thank you for the kind words @nichi! Feel free to resteem it so others may find out more about the show! Appreciate your comment!


Most Definitely :D

Thanks for attending Thursday’s Pimp Your Post Thursday @ma1neevent. I have written a post to share your featured post from last night. Just stopping back to let you know that you can see your [name in lights](https://steemit.com/pypt/@shadowspub/pimp-your-post-thursday-report-5-from-nov-16th-pypt) right here. (Just kidding about the lights :)

Thanks I appreciate you doing that @shadowspub! Always enjoy the PYP sessions!