Steem Town Hall / Minnow Mayor Town Hall - aggroed and llfarms host a town forum! Starting now!

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It's Sunday night on the east coast. That means it's time for more radio show.

Hop into, which is the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel.

Scroll down the rooms and look for where folks are gathered and come hear some tunes in check in on happenings around Steem.

If you'd like to come on air you'd be welcome to, just bring a headset and come hang out with us.


Hi sorry to have to reach out to you this way, but Berniesanders and his bots and multiple accounts have left me no choice. He first began massive downvoting of everything I posted a couple weeks ago. These attacks were totally unprovoked, and I never even replied. Gradually, they let up. But, yesterday he started wiping out my posts again, and so I reposted them for a couple hours just to see if he would stop. Then, because he didn't stop, I eventually did, and even replied to a written threat he made to destroy my account for "spam." You've had my vote for witness for several months during which time I went months without ever downvoting anyone, or even arguing with anyone, while gradually building almost a 65 rep score without ever using bots to do it. If you look at my blog this morning you can see Bernie has followed through on his threat. If people can indeed be destroyed on Steemit simply for being conservative and posting about conservative issues, then Steemit will die. We need to hardfork away purely malicious ideologically-driven auto downvoting, and/or massive manual downvoting. Will you work to address this?

Also, is it true you are giving up being a witness? I sure hope not, as that would definitely signal that this place is toast.

Hi, @aggroed!

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Hi, @aggroed, I just read your article Amazon looks to be in a hyperwave and I checked the present Amazon chart. It seems to me that Amazon really might be in a Hyperwave, you were right, 10 months ago!

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