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Basic Education High School, Kan, Gangaw Township
20154 , December , Pre Test
Grade 11 ,Chemistry ,Time allowed (3) hours

  1. Write TRUE or FALSE for each of the following statements. (7 marks)
    (a) The ‘d’ sub shell can have the minimum number of 10 electrons.
    (b) The gas spread itself uniformly throughout any containers.
    (c) Indicators are required in all types of titrations.
    (d) Solid sodium chloride conducts electricity.
    (e) Reduction brings about a decrease in oxidation number.
    (f) Catalysts are not consumed by the chemical reactions.
    (g) The reaction between joule and calorie is `1J=4.18 cal.
  2. Fill in the blanks with the correct word(s) ,terms. (7 marks)
    (a) Sodium hydroxide is commercially produced from saturated solution of ………. by using electrolysis.
    (b) The properties of steel depend upon the ……….. .
    (c) Ammonia gas has a characteristic ………. smell.
    (d) Hydrogen sulphide has weak ………. properties.
    (e) Halogens have essential electronic structure of ………. .
    (f) In the reaction with ammonia, boron trifluoride behave as an ………. .
    (g) The IUPAC name of di-methyl methylene is ………. .
  3. Select the correct word(s) given in the bracket. (7 marks)
    (a) Proteins is ( polymer, copolymer, monomer).
    (b) The molecule of (NH3, ClF3, BCl3) does not deviate octet rule.
    (c) The volume of the gas decreases (rapidly, slowly, regularly) with regular decrease of temperature.
    (d) The anhydrous sodium carbonate can be used as a (an) (indicator, catalyst, primary standard)
    (e) Faraday’s laws express the (qualitative, quantitative, volumetric) results of electrolysis.
    (f) Oxidation number of sulphur in H2SO3 is ( +6,+4,-2) .
    (g) Light is a source of (force, pressure, energy).
  4. Match each of the items in List A with the appropriate items in the list B. (7 marks)
    List A List B
    (a) Neutralization (i) it dissolves in noble metal gold
    (b) Alum (ii) CaO Cl2.2 H2O
    (c) Ammonium iron (II) sulphate (iii) show allotropy
    (d) Aqua-regia (iv) reaction between any acid and a base
    (e) Sulphur (v) dissociation constant of the indicator
    (f) Bleaching powder (vi) K2SO4. Al2(SO4)3.24 H2O
    (g) Kin (vii) (NH4)2 SO4.FeSO4.6H2O
  5. Define the following terms. (8 marks)
    (a) Electron affinity
    (b) Gay-lussac’s law of oxidation number
    (c) Molarity
    (d) Electrolysis
    (e) Reduction in terms of oxidation number
    (f) A catalyst
    (g) Chemical energetics
    (h) An acid according to Lewis theory
  6. Answer ALL questions. (12 marks)
    (a) What of chemical bond is formed between 3NH3 and H+ ion? Write down the electron dot-cross formula
    of the ion formed.
    (b) Define ‘ Relative density of a gas’. What is the relative density of nitrogen oxide? (O =16, N=14).
    (c) Write the balanced equation in words and symbols for the preparation of aluminium oxide (alumina).
    (d) Write down the reactions at the cathode and anode for the electrolysis of dilute sulphuric acid using
    platinum electrodes.

(e) From the following equation, identify oxidizing and reducing agents .Give reason for your answer.
2H2O + 2Br2 → O2 + 4HBr
(f) Which elements (s) N or P or K is not suitable for seed bearing and for leaf crops?

  1. Answer any FIVE questions. (20 marks)
    (a) What volume at STP of oxygen and what mass of aluminium will be liberated during electrolysis by a
    charge of one Faraday?
    (b) Write balance equations for the following reactions.
    (i) H2S + KMnO4 + H2SO4 → MnSO4 + K2SO4 + H2O + S
    (ii) CuO + H2 → Cu + H2O
    (c) An atom A has an atomic number of 12 whereas an atom B has an atomic number of 17.Write down
    (i) essential electronic structures
    (ii) positions in the periodic table
    (iii) types of electrons and
    (iv) type of bond that is formed between A and B.
    (d) Write equations in words and symbols for the following reactions.
    (i) Dinitrogen oxide reacts with carbon.
    (ii) Concentrated nitric acid reacts with magnesium.

    (g) (i) State ‘Le Chatelier’s pri


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