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A. k. 1320 B. k.1440 C.k.1670 D. k.3960 E.k.4320

  1. If 1a:1b=3:4 and a:c =2:5 , then a:b:c =………
    A.3:4:5 B.2:3:4 C. 4:3:5 D.3:4:10 E. 4:5:6
  2. If a:b = 2:3, b:c = 5:3 , then a-b+ca+b-c =……….
    A.12 B. 52 C.4 D.14 E.14
    26.The measure of the angle of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3 : 4, then the degree
    measure of the largest angle is
    A.36° B.45° C.90° D.108° E.144°
  3. If k.1800 is divided into three amounts in the ratio 4:5:6. The largest amount is
    A. k.900 B. k.720 C. k.600 D.k.480 E.k.390
  4. A sum of money is divided among A, B and C in the ratio 7:3:2 . A has k.36 more than B,
    C has
    A. k.9 B.k.12 C. k.18 D. k.27 E.k.21
  5. The mean proportional between 9 and 16 is
    A.6 B.1212 C.12 D.±12 E.±1212
    30.If ab+c =bc+a=ca+b, and provided that a+b+c≠0, then each ratio is
    A.0 B.1 C. 2 D.12 E .None of them
  6. The lengths of the sides of a triangle similar to a triangle with sides 8,12,16 ft long with the
    twice area are
    A. 83 ,123,163 B.2,3,4 C. 16,24,32 D. 82,122,162 E.22,32,42
  7. If y varies inversely as the cube of (x+1) and k is the constant of proportionality, then
    A. y = kx3 + 1 B. y=k(x+1)3 C. y= kx3+1 D. y= kx+13 E. y=1x+13 +k
  8. z varies directly as x and inversely as the square of y, then
    A. z ∝ xy2 B. z∝ yx C. z∝ xy2 D. z∝ xy E. z∝yx
  9. Given that xy2 is constant and x=3, when y=4, the value of x when y=8 is
    A. 43 B.34 C.38 D.83 E.12
  10. It is given that y=kx and that 20≤x≤100 . If the smallest value of y is 30, the value of k is
    A.200 B.2000 C.300 D. 3000 E.600
  11. If xy+x=yx+z=zx+y then each ratio=……….
    A. 12 B.1 C. 1 or 0 D. 12 or -1 E. -12 or 1
  12. V varies as T and inversely as P. The constant of variation when T= 360, P = 736 and
    V = 450 is
    A. 450 B.736 C. 920 D.810 E. 360

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