Female HypoAgency: Pink Patriarchy, our Orwellian Big Sister

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It is vital to understand Female HypoAgency, because it is one of the main causes of an expanding chasm that our culture is facing today, that is developing between men and women.

In the last ten years, more and more women have taken positions of power in society, this is fine of itself and to be encouraged if it wasn’t for #FemaleHypoAgency that is being used to gas-light us into believing women are still suffering as powerless victims of an alleged Patriarchal system that has supposedly been in place for ever. Actually the alleged Patriarchy was more likely just Female HypoAgency in action, covering up Feminine involvement in societies development, but that is a subject for another post.

The end result of Female HypoAgency will be the absolute control of men, and any women who question the narrative. If it continues eventually men will be ousted so that they have no power in society. They will be needed only for the grunt jobs women can not do, and men will also be restricted from sexually connecting with women, since it will be considered sexual harassment to even try. Women will pick men, but that will be controlled and overseen by the aggressive #PinkPatriarchy.

Female HypoAgency inevitably will lead to the creation of Pink Patriarchy, an Orwellian Big Sister. This is basically the replacement of men with women while the underlying Patriarchal structure doesn’t actually change at all because it cant, the roles required dont change only the person filling them. Pink Patriarchy is where men become subservient, while women take on the power positions and decision making roles of our society, and no doubt abuse everyone much like some of the men in those positions before them did. Any women that questions this drive, will also be aggressively dealt with by the Pink Patriarchy. It will be absolute tyranny because of Female HypoAgency and its ability to switch between roles of Agent and Object which I will also explain shortly.

This tyranny is not a future thing, it is already happening. Female HypoAgency is what Alpha women use to deny it, possibly even to themselves, and drive it towards the end of the era of alleged Masculine reign, replacing it with a supposed Matriarchal Utopia that is basically a myth, rest assured it will be run by the bitches amongst us. The sisterhood is just another hierarchical structure, but a #Queendom not a Kingdom. A Queendom built on HypoAgency actually would be a big mistake for the Feminine for a whole bunch of reasons, but I wont go into that here too much either. Suffice to say I believe tyranny is the inevitable end result of Female HypoAgency on its current trajectory towards Pink Patriarchy, if it continues to be ignored and denied by us all.

What is Female HypoAgency?

Female HypoAgency is a hard concept to grasp at first, since it is about a position of power that can switch between responsibility, or denial of responsibility depending on required results.

According to Agency theory, you have Objects and Agents. The Object is acted upon by the Agent. In this context it suggests that women are not actors in their own lives, they are only ever acted upon as Objects, by the Agents, which in this case are men.

The Hypo part implies it is inverted or negative. i.e. There is no agency. Eh? OK well, this is the bit that provides the paradox, and the ability to switch roles. How this works in Female HypoAgency, is that women are able to select when they are Agents based on whether it is of benefit to them but when it is not of benefit to them, they can choose to be Objects instead.

A good theoretical example might be James Bond, who seems to be able to do what he wants. He exhibits HypoAgency because whatever bad he does is considered the fault of the bad guy who caused him to do it, but whatever good he does, he can then take full credit for. HypoAgency is then, an extremely powerful tool since you can basically avoid blame with it, while doing anything you want and taken credit when it suits you.

An example of HypoAgency in Nature might be the Mimic Octopus that features in the blog image (video of this amazing creature here). It can change its appearance into a variety of other creatures and so avoid detection by predators, or sneak up on prey without arousing concern. i.e. it can be the Agent, or the Object depending on what result it is trying to achieve by convincing creatures around it to either give it attention, or leave it alone.

Female HypoAgency can be seen at work in many aspects of modern society and once you start to see it and acknowledge it, you realise there has been a systemic gas-lighting at work in our culture to deny it. One that allows women to choose to be Agents when it benefits them, and to be Objects when it doesn’t. This sets up a huge power issue for the feminine to be challenged by, and is why I suggest it will ultimately lead us to a Pink Patriarchy that would by default become a tyranny if left unchecked, as is explained better and in more detail in this video by one of the ladies known as Honey Badgers and quite possibly originated the term in this video.

The difficulty of seeing how deeply entrenched Female HypoAgency is in our culture

The problem is that most of us do not even realise women have Female HypoAgency as an option. We have been gas-lit into believing it by the Feminist narrative, and our Cultural narrative that women=victim and men=perpetrator. This is so ingrained, we not only assume it when assessing a conflict between a man and a woman, but we also fear doubting it. Quite possibly the emotional and psychological roots of this fear go back to the power our mother had over us as a child in our formative years, because absolute trust in the Matriarch is natural and required at that stage.

Since always power corrupts when we wield it unconsciously, of course we would seek to defend the Female position should someone dare to suggest a woman is using Female HypoAgency. But what if they actually are and don't even know it? HypoAgency will then be denied very aggressively, because a position of corrupted power is not only highly addictive, it is also terrifying to give up because of the inevitable consequences we sense in doing so. This is made more difficult if you don’t believe you are corrupted, or are not even aware that you are using power to control a situation. This seems to be the case when you start to see how entrenched Female HypoAgency is in our culture.

For this reason it needs to be proved systematically, until it cannot be denied further, and that takes work and willingness to look at the dynamics of it in action. Or of course, you may prove it is yet another male trying desperately to defend the Patriarchy he fears is crumbling around him. You be the judge.

Proof of Female HypoAgency

Check the reaction in this example video when Whoopi Goldberg dared to point out that a man who knocked a woman out, had in fact been attacked by her first.

This is a perfect example of Female HypoAgency in action. If the woman had knocked the guy out, she would have likely been considered an Agent and then supported for her apparent independent spirit, but because she hits him, but then he knocks her out, she is now considered an Object and of course the women presenters are outraged by this example of abuse by the male, but not Whoopi who does something unique, she dares to point out the Female HypoAgency, and the comments and reactions from the other women says it all.

The entrenched cultural thinking in this case, is that we all know men should never hit women, but we do not ask where this thinking comes from : why should it be OK for women to hit men, but not the other way round? And why do we and Feminism ignore that this is the most common dynamic in DV? This is a perfect example of HypoAgency where a woman can choose to be an Agent or an Object depending on whether it benefits her or not. And we don't see it, because we have been gas-lit into the belief system it presents without questioning it.

Another example, is The #MeToo campaign itself. This has so many Female HypoAgency directives written in to it, that it is hard to know where to start. A brief list of Female HypoAgency in action in the MeToo campaign,

  • Women must automatically be believed. It even has a hashtag #BelieveWomen.
  • A man accused must prove his innocence, the woman does not need to prove his guilt.
  • The accusation is enough to destroy mens lives even without trial. (Despite the fact everyone knows this mans life will now be ruined just from the accusation, we all still support the #MeToo campaign. This is entrenched Female HypoAgency within the rest of us, because we allow this to occur and even encourage it.)
  • Women have been brave enough to come forward, so it is unfair if she then has to prove it as well. Classic woman=victim.
  • Questioning the public display of a #MeToo status, is tantamount to victimising women further. Have they not suffered enough?
  • MeToo works because it brings evil men do into the public eye (In this case women now are Agents because they have helped reveal the evil, but to achieve this we have to ignore the fact there was no due process, and it was trial by lynch mob. Also Ignore all the innocent men falsely accused now coping with ruined lives. We can do this because we have Female HypoAgency entrenched in our belief system.)
  • Social Media mobs using a #MeToo post as justification to gather and attack an accused man’s family, workplace, friends etc…No trial needed.

If this wasnt bad enough MeToo has predictably now morphed into a monster with virtually no limits to what it can do to men, just on a whim.

The original angle of MeToo was to unmask actual sexual abuse and harassment, but it has now morphed to test the very limits of what Female HypoAgency can get away with by focusing on pretty much anything a man does towards a woman and twisting it into potential attempt to sexually harass a woman. To show just how powerful this tool is to a woman willing to use it, here is a simple formula any girl can try.

Choose any past setting, where a man was in a position of power, and you were present.
If he touched you, even lightly, even in a gesture of hello or goodbye, or any way whatsoever it doesn't even need to be in a sexual area, just a touch. Follow these steps.

1. Write a MeToo post saying how you didn't come forward at the time because you felt intimidated.
2. Try to find other women who are willing to run a similar MeToo about the guy, (optional but Sisterhood bonus points)
3. Say you are only brave enough to come forward now because of MeToo campaign. (endorsed by it, endorses it for other women.)
4. Say it felt like Sexual Harassment and have an emotional reaction to authenticate it.

We are supposed to buy all this simply because a large number of actual Sexual Harassment cases have been confirmed. Meanwhile let’s hear about the escalating number of those who are being targeted with the above method? No one cares about that.

And you still don't think Female HypoAgency will lead to tyranny of biblical proportions? With the above method being taught to every attention-seeking woman on earth as a method to get a massive fix of attention, power and at the same time a whole lot of vengeance on men. How will it not? We are after all encouraging it!

And absolutely no one is asking the simple question: what was your part in this?
Why dont we ask? Because our obedience to Female HypoAgency means we can’t.
Women are the Object and men are the Agents, even when women are actually the Agents running the MeToo campaign, they still get to be the Objects and cannot be questioned. It’s really quite genius!

Here is another example of Female HypoAgency in a Government Sponsored Domestic Violence advert in Australia (video) currently running on Foxtel and no doubt all over the country for your kids to seen and learn by.

The premise is that women are Objects and Men are Agents and there is no question of women perpetrating violence whatsoever. They go so far as to suggest that all domestic violence is male perpetrated, and all of it starts when a young boy bullies his sister. She can do no wrong because she is the Object and as we know women=victim and men=perpetrator. Each further scene shows the escalation of men abusing women. Remember that this is our Government telling us how things are, and that men are the only perpetrators of violence. This belief system alone will create monsters and they wont be male ones, they will be girls using Female HypoAgency for deniability. And the first of those examples on a cultural level is MeToo.

If you are someone who believes that only men are violent, then it is unlikely you read this far anyway, but should you have come this far by some kind of mistake or uncertainty, then I would encourage you to look into the true facts behind violence, which gender perpetrates it, and why it happens, and probably be sceptical of any Feminist presenting some of the Government statistics on it. Be sceptical because firstly as any statistician knows, stats do not make correlations or causations, secondly stats reveal the symptom and not the cause, and lastly as you can see from the video above, the Government is clearly in the full grip of the Female HypoAgency that is the Feminist Narrative, as a result of those stats.

I have one more example, and this one involves a new product appearing in the street that are shockingly revealing and they are Butt Lift Leggings. Though this could be anything involving breast, ass or vagina areas and how they are presented in street-wear currently to draw attention from males.

How this relates to Female HypoAgency is in how it is presented to us as men. The question is, why would women want clothes to accentuate the sexual regions while walking in the street? There can be only one reason. Attention.

Behind this will be two things, to prove to herself that she can attract men’s gaze, but also a second purpose, to prove to herself she is better than the woman he is walking down the road with. There is Competition involved too and it is really quite aggressive, because why would the Sisterhood be doing that to each other, if it is really a Sisterhood?

The real clincher comes with the way modern women now react. The reaction is firstly “Look at me, look at me.” And the clothes are used to drive that intention until the man looks. As soon as he does, the reaction is invariably to switch to disdain bordering on “Sexual Harassment.” The only person who will not get this treatment is a potential mate and even then he will likely get it but only as a challenge to test if he has the gumption to ignore it and push through her barriers. This is the irony and the stupidity. Women want men to push through those barriers they put up. Just only the ones they deem suitable, and you only really find out you weren’t, when you are being accused of sexual harassment.

How is this Female HypoAgency?

The fact women are demanding to be able to wear this overtly sexual clothing, is Agency: they are independent women and they can wear what the hell they like. That is being an Agent when you do what you want. But if you are male and you look at them, and if they don’t like it, then they switch to being an Object and you are then a pervert, and by default, clearly about to sexually harass her.

This is the essence of Female HypoAgency and why women seemingly think they can have it both ways and clearly actually can.

Maybe now you can see why I hypothesise that the more women are allowed to get away with Female HypoAgency, the closer we get to a tyrannical society controlled by female whim.

The other area that is absolutely rife with Female HypoAgency is the female only business world. Which I spent over 3 years involved in indirectly, but have yet to find a single Chick Group of business women that was not a Queendom running Pink Patriarchy and doing nothing better than men at all, in fact often doing it all a lot worse. Certainly not doing anything differently to what men have done in business settings just with female labels.
The struggles are the same, the hierarchy is much the same, the only difference is that threat of expulsion from the group is the underlying tone used to encourage members to deny any issues within the group and tow the line. This enforces subservience to the group ethic, which is invariably painting itself up as the New Utopian Sisterhood and one that is taking over from evil men's Patriarchal overlording, but in reality is clearly just the beginnings of the New Orwellian Big Sister.

Give it ten more years of Female HypoAgency and I think we will be hearing the cry "Bring back Patriarchy, all is forgiven."