My Donation for the MONSTER RAFFLE 4: Only 1 SBD to Join!

in mr4 •  7 months ago  (edited)

From my stack to yours...

1982-S Proof Commemorative Coin

90% silver half dollar with box & COA


1943 & 1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

$1.00 Face Value

A total of 1.205 troy ounces of silver in three beautiful US coins!

Check out the NUMEROUS SILVER PRIZES here posted by @senstless with updates to follow.

Only 1 SBD per ticket, no limit! Anyone can join

Send 1 sbd to @monster-raffle to join the raffle!

Drawing of winners will take place "live" during the weekend 20th-23rd JUNE, during the #thealliance block-party weekend and broadcasted live on the #steemsilvergold discord channel. The link will be given out at a later date and all are welcome to listen and take part.

Thank you for viewing this article. I will see you again soon!

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Very nice donation bestie.👍

I love your graded Panda donation! I want to win that one, bestie! 🤗

win it, will it, w/e 🤣😂🤣

cool, BearZ!


Yay! What a wonderful three pack! Thank you for your donation!

Nothing fancy, just good, old, US silver coins! Walkers in Constitutional silver and GW in commemoratives are my favorites! 🤗


👍🐟 finZ!

Still swimmin’! 😊 🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋🦈

First Rate, Ms Savers 😍


I am glad that you like it, @underground👍

I like it! Thanks for the donation!

I am still deciding what else I can donate. I will think of something, and if I can't perhaps I can do a surprise box of something. I dunno... let me think... hmmmm...

That's a really gorgeous donation!

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I think Constitutional silver and commemorative coins are great for any stacker. I am glad you like these. Have a lovely evening, @eveningart!

That’s an impressive trio of coins, and a generous donation to this truly monstrous raffle!

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Because Walkers and any GW (who I consider as one of the greatest US presidents) coin or round are some of my favorites, I thought I'd share that with whoever values these vintage coins. Thanks for stopping by, @c0ff33a! I appreciate you. Have a beautiful weekend to come! Take care.🤗

Smexi silver there sweets!

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It sure is smexi, @enginewitty👍! I love it when you drop by and comment! Have a wonderful evening, my friend!🤗

I Like Real Money and I Think others Will Like it too when They WIN in the Monster-Raffle..........I Think The Raffle happens in June not July, but I may be Wrong.....Very Nice Donations Ms. Saver !

I like real money too, and for that reason, ASEs and US Constinutional silver that is the base of my stack... real-denominated money. The rest is just to keep me motivated to continue stacking.
Hmmm... I just copied and pasted that specific info from ssg... which must corrected if it is wrong!
Thanks for catching that, I just edited this post!

You are The BEST !!

Thats is a great mix for sure - never go wrong with good looking 90%, even a proof!.

Awesome donation - I got it added.

When I have the time, I will have to check what else I can donate! Thank you, @senstless, for the work that you do in compiling all donations for ssg MR4! 🤗

I'm so looking forward to MR4! and thankful that Silver Czars (and Czarinas hehehe) make it so special with donating from their stash! :)

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