MR ROBOT SEASON 3!! back in action

in mr •  last year

All those who haven't watched this tv show I personally recommend you to watch this show..
Many r interested in cybersecurity and there aren't many shows which involves cybersecurity and hacking.. For all those who are looking for these type of shows I guarantee you MR ROBOT is not gonna disappoint you :)
Well season 2 finale certainly gave us the chills and many were looking forward to the next season and here we go season 3 is back :D s03e01 was aired on 11thoct so all those who have missed it GO watch it....

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As much as I loved the first 2 seasons, this first episode of the 3rd threw me off. As Elliot is portrayed by his father (Mr. Robot) in such a different and shocking way compared to the last 2 seasons. Interesting little twist though.

I didn't hate it but it was just one of those "Why did they decide to do that?" moments.


I did feel the same sometimes things r needed to be done to keep the show running :P follow me if u r interested in tv shows, anime , some info on crypto:)