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I am not involved with the whole cryptocurrency debacle goign on right now. But I couldn't stay silent when I saw it come up in FB. I have removed myself as much as possible from any possible contact with MQTodd aka Michael Q. Todd for about 4 - 5 years now.

But to see MQTurd involved with yet another troublesome endeavor is not surprising and I want to give you all a word of advice.

Stay as far away from him as you possibly can. I feel bad for you if you invested time, money or resources into this person. He's a liar and a scammer and has been for as long as I've known him, dating to 2010/2011. - The problem is that he also has a charismatic personality.

Even I fell for it when he asked me to be his webmaster years ago. I did that for about two weeks until I realized he wasn't going to pay anything and he was swindling his audience by inflating his view counts and social media share counts on his blog. When I asked about it, he sent his faithful followers to tell me how "good of a person it was" and to be nice to him, etc. He then purportedly went to jail in Japan, and that's when I received calls from somebody associated with him, leaving threatening voicemails. I shook that off and cut off all contact with him, yet his followers kept accusing me of "hacking" his website and Twitter account, etc. -- Doesn't it sound familiar?

For someone that is so insignificant, he sure seems to get hacked a lot. Strange that I deal with massive websites that are actually popular, yet they don't get even a 1/5 of the hacking attempts he claims to get. And if they were true, wouldn't you want to stay away from somebody that can't even have basic security configured when dealing with fintech stuff? -- But I digress...

His dealings go back to 2010 (as far as I personally know, but based on his obscure past, I'm guessing they go much further.) when he started making connections on social media, claiming to be a "Twitter expert" and dealing with his "expert status" to which he claims to have put in all these hours to become the go-to-expert.

The same claims he now makes to having been working on this cryptocurrency company all this time. So which one was it MQTurd?

He scammed people out of some money for an event he never put together, it was supposed to take place in Napa, Ca. He then moved onto making his 7 pillars of shit book (that has been in the making for at least 5 years). -- You'd think that a true Twitter or Social media expert with 200K+ followers would get at least a dozen likes and retweets every tweet, wouldn't you? See for yourself, the truth is that those followers are what's known as "follow-backs" and low-quality accounts -- but I'm getting side tracked.

He's like a chameleon that changes colors to fit whatever situation is necessary. Don't mean to offend chameleons btw, they're nice little creatures unlike the subject of this post.

You see, I don't know the dealings with this superior coin stuff, but I don't need to know them to know that if MQTurd is involved, somebody is being scammed, and it isn't him.

Part of me thinks he's a greedy sociopath, but the more I dealt with him and the more I see his actions surface, time and time again, the more I think he's just a charismatic idiot that convinces people to do his bidding.

He targets people that are interested in whatever topic he's peddling, but he himself has never made money with any of these topics, yet he makes claims like he's going to make 10,000 millionaires. Crowdify, like anything else he's started, is a blatant scam at worse, and a sand castle at best. Anybody with basic high-school economics understanding would see right through the impossibilities of his promises.

I keep seeing his postings about this (his most current debacle), and have to wonder, would an ex-lawyer be so dumb as to post those kinds of things publicly? Anybody that was serious about this... anybody that truly got scammed by someone else... anybody that lost even just a few thousand dollars, let alone tens of millions, would keep their mouth shut and take immediate legal action, both with the police and with a competent attorney.

But instead, he's just running his mouth like he always does. And don't you dare question him, because you'll be banned, blocked, removed from the group, slandered, or all of the above.

But I think finally the time is running out and he's running out of places to run to and groups of people to scam. My advice to you --keep in mind, I'm not a lawyer or financial advisor, just a blogger who got taken by MQTurd a long time ago-- if you invested in his scam and your investment was significant, stop posting online about this and talking about it online, make a police report with any agency that is local to you and wherever you can make a report, talk to an attorney and take legal action.

If your investment was small, for your sanity, consider it gone and be happy if you get any of it back, just do anything in your power to prevent this from happening to others.

Good luck to you all.


Great article. Not surprised by any of it.

The signs are usually there with him, but he's pretty sly in drowining out anybody else's voices and just railroading you by being louder, eventually most people just move on and are driven by the desire of obtaining what he promises. Like a typical conman.

Cannot just try to steal Superior coins in broad daylight and think that you will get away with it grouch. Have you zero shame?

Did anyone get back their Btc when the MtGox got hacked? NOPE. Regardless if Superior was ever yours, it doesn't really matter. You didn't protect it, which is indicative of you not knowing how to build a coin properly. More has literally been done with Superior in the last month than you did in the prior 2 years. It's sad really. Superior is gone for you...time to move on. You'll never get it back, if it was even yours to begin with, which doesn't matter AT ALL anymore

Wish I could upvote this, great work. Many of us have been targeted by this guy just going about our lives.

Thanks for this article man, you can check my blog for some posts about Superior Coin, he even commented on those to try and shut people up, but this is Steemit and people are free to express their opinions and to report news.

I commented on the suppoman post as well :)

What's the blog's URL?

Oh okay, I saw it. I thought you meant like your own blog like an outside blog.

Once bitten, twice shy. The truth will all come out in the wash @notagrouch my head is still reeling from bad business ethics!

good luck!

You had over a hundred thousand of dollars worth of Superior Coin Joan. Bad business ethics ? I am willing to listen to you but please stop using passwords you were trusted with. Please cease and desist right now

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Hi Oscar please send me the invoice from the time and work you mention and I will pay you. You are the first person ever to claim anywhere online that you were not paid correctly by me. I honestly cannot believe this sorry. At not stage whatsoever did you ever request payment. As for the Napa Valley event Di Davis cancelled it before any single person bought a ticket so you are obviously delusional about this or simply making this up to. SMH

Fuck you, scammer. I wrote that off 4+ years ago. I'm just warning others to stay away from you.

You're absolutely right about the personality/charisma. I met him in Taipei a while ago and the whole situation was rather strange.

He was showing some chapter from the e-book which you mentioned. There was also talk about the cryptocoin and crowdify site. And there were several mentions of soon to be hiring 80-100 person team in Taipei. But all three projects seemed pretty outdated.

The part of the e-book which we saw looked like a highschool project and the content was pretty poor. The cryptocoin landing page was live but looked like an unfinished draft, and the Crowdify site looked like it was designed 10 years ago. And the branding for these projects was all over the place - a bunch of different fonts, color schemes, logos and no clear identity.

Yet he was stood there talking to people about being a master at social media/digital marketing etc. And the weird thing was - despite all of this, he actually had a group of talented people there engaging with him and interested in getting involved.

It was so surreal. I remember sitting there and thinking "This is how people join a cult".

When you meet the guy, he does seems nice, confident, and good at networking. I've no idea if his intentions are/were to scam people, or if he believed this stuff himself. The whole ICO business is pretty dodgy on it's own, but maybe he believed in himself here. If he was legit then I do wish him the best, if not... it seems like he's been out-scammed and got what he deserved.

He isn't good at networking, he's just lucky to be charismatic. Look at his Twitter for example... 200K+ followers, but gets like 1 or 0 likes on any given post. C'mon guys... this is the guy tryign to teach you how social networking works? ROFL.

great article bro. you can see that a mile away

Yes, and his only recourse after I exposed him is to call me a troll and block me wherever he can. Sounds like someone that thas their nose clean doesn't? LOL

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Still relevant.

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