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The online platform has gradually been creeping into the system of buying and selling such that the offline trading system has struggled.The online system has the capacity to allow trading twenty four hours but this has equally taken a negative effect on another but traditional  and very important chain.The offline method of  foot traffic to stores or places where goods and services available has ben affected.

MOZO  is there to save the offline businesses

MOZO ICO is a new platform formed to offer the much needed solution to the problem of dwindling customers offline.There is no doubt that trading around the globe have been tending much towards the online platform.This online means of transaction has come with the huge setbacks to the traditional retail store outlets that foot traffic or foot  patronage.The retailers sensing this have resorted to advertising their goods , but to no avail.The huge sums spent never made any impact.The reverberating online market  has drummed them in.Thus the once celebrated and enterprising offline stores suffered the dearth of patronage.This means a huge blow to the economy of both producers and retailers,  most especially retailers.Losses where looming large.But fortunately MOZO ICO has come to save such situation.Think of some 91,000 retail shops in Asia.They are about to stand better positioned to serve the teeming masses courtesy of MOZO ICO.

What is MOZO?

MOZO Token is a system of marketing that rewards buyers or customers for the number of times they are able to purchase items in retail shops or stores.Thus a great reward awaits  customers who go to stores to purchase items.This is what is called  foot traffic.Think of such huge reward that would catalyze equally to huge transactions.MOZO ICO utilizes blockchain technology.This technology involves rewarding a customer with a coin which could be Etherium, Bitcoin etc depending on which coin is  adopted.This MOZOCOIN  could be converted to fiat money.This means that  customers would be ceaseless trying to buy from retail outlets like stores, hotels etc offline.All that the customer needs to do is to register into the available MOZO ICO platform.


The sustenance of MOZO ICO lies in what it is target to resolve and make  useful.When retail stores that utilize foot traffic are strategically investigated it will be seen that their number is huge, both far and near.That means the world over.When the entire world is your operating base there is nothing or very little to worry about.In Asia alone some very good  number of offline outlets  upto 91000 have  been captured meaning, a huge outlay and returns.With this the process would be very high on the pedestal of survival and sustenance.Remember too this  will be an economy transforming venture as many people as increased the   foot traffic will equally  increase production, thus increasing employment both in the informall and formal sectors.With this outlay and the huge benefit say from the Asian segment alone, the sustainability of the process would be as solid as can be imagined.In the Asian region many malls will really open thus creating a mechanism of intense patronage that would enhance in its sustainability.Remember interest, need and dedication propel sustainability.The way MOZO ICO is structured has taken is such that it will be sustained


The people that created the MOZO ICO are experts in computer technology with long years of experience.They have had venture portfolios in the areas of business programming.They have nose for feasibility forecast.They are adept at web design, digital trading, large data as well blockchain related ventures.They have had veritable list of successes in computer application and computer portfolio businessess.They can  factor into the best models for a successful business.


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