Rain Rain ~ Go Away!

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Today wasn't exactly moving day, but it's like pre-moving day! We picked up my 20 foot storage container that I will be moving all of my stuff into and transported it to my buddy's place. Nice to have a friend with a lot of land who doesn't care if my stuff is on his land and isn't charging me any money to have it there. Every cent I can save is a cent towards my new future home and gets me a step closer to my dream of a self built mini RV.

This in-between move is an important one for me. I'm determined and focused and still have to resist the temptation to go into another living situation that will not bring me any closer to the dreams I have turned into real life concrete plans.

Speaking of plans, today did not go according to plan at all. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Today was such a day with the rain coming it. It looked as if things would work out just fine but in the end the weather got us, making if very difficult to get the unit into place. But we did prevail with a lot of effort!

I'll fill ya in more!



How exciting! I hope everything goes super-smoothly with your plans! 🙂

He's coming down to visit you and park outside for a year or two ;)

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