Moving to a New Account Soon

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I'm switching to a new Steemit account soon. I made my account back in the day when we didn't have the whole email/phone number thing, so my account isn't very secure, I feel? There's no way to restore my account if it gets stolen.

I know there's a way to fix that, but making a new account feels simpler, and there's a few more reasons why I want to move.

For one thing, that bloody inflated Follower count. 448 followers, but I feel like a lot of those are from those spam accounts that expect you to follow them back, or maybe from people who are basically dead on Steemit.

I know my follower count will be weirdly high in the future for those same reasons anyway, but it's just something that's kind of been bothering me for a while.

Nextly, the username @platonicsirionic.... it was a throw-away username from the get-go. I wasn't totally sure about Steemit initially, so I didn't want to give my normal username right away. It kind of stuck though, since when I joined Twitter, the @ashidoodle username (which is what I use on other sites) was already taken, so I used @platonicsironic on there, too.
However, on my birthday I decided to be a goober and see if that username was still in use (because I was making another account anyway). It wasn't, so I snagged it up in a throw-away account because I've been thinking about switching to it.

It's bothered me for a while that I have a different username on Steemit than I do on deviantART, and I had actually considered changing my dA username to Platonics-Ironic, but I haven't gotten around to it because you need a core membership to do that.
So, again, just making a new account on Steemit with the @ashidoodle username is a simpler option lol.

There's... also the whole @crowdfundedwhale thing. There wasn't really an established code of ethics or anything when I first joined, so it was really confusing what people would be okay or not okay with.
One thing was pretty rampant, though: anarchy. I didn't really get it, still don't get it, don't really wanna get it, but anyway-
@crowdfundedwhale basically upvotes you for eternity if you pay them a fee. I wasn't sure if that was considered normal or not, but I figured, eh, why not? It only cost me about $15.

Now it costs 100 STEEM or 140 SBD. That's... I don't know, I find that kind of embarrassing.

AGAIN, this is something I could probably easily fix without ditching my account, but... yknow, a lot of these things are just, they'd all be fixed by me making a new account, so... killing like... what, 4 birds with 1 stone??? So it makes sense P:

In the end, it basically boils down to wanting to get a fresh start. On other sites, usually I'd just delete old posts and change my username, but that's not really an option on Steemit, anyway.

I'm waiting for the email to verify my new account. Until then, I'll keep posting to this one - When the account is made, I'll start posting there, and probably delegate my SP to there. Once my last post that I'd made on this account pays out, I'll un-delegate, and Power Down so I can transfer all my funds to the new account and Power back Up.

Anyway, just wanted to give a little update on that :P
The last post I make on this account will probably restate all this and link to my new account, so if anybody wonders where I went, they'll be able to find me lol.

Though I guess I could resteem posts from the new account to here, but that'd be a little silly xD

It does feel like a waste to do NOTHING with this account, though. ...Eh, maybe I'll find a use for it P:
Like when people have blogs specifically for one thing! I could resteem comics to this blog or something, who knows XD

Eh, it's something to think about. No telling when my new account will be usable, so I'll have some time to think it over, anyway.

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I hope by making a new account can help you ashi ! I'll follow you when your new account is up ^^


I think it'll help :3c
And thanks! 💕 ^^)


I'm officially moved, now. ^^)
New account is @ashidoodle. I mean I already said that, and I'm talking from that account, but XD Whatever! LMAO


ahh! thats good. im happy for you :)))

Let us know when the switch is official.


Sure thing! <33


The move to the new account is now officially official! >x3c LOL

Ok ... I hope this new pages is good :)

Any luck in getting that Steem you sent to @pol reverted? I also made the same mistake when doing a Polo withdrawl today


Ahh, man sorry for the late reply D:
This is an old account, I'm trying to move money to a different account.

But no... Since I know pretty much the only way to get the money back would be to ask @pol and they don't even have any posts... Seems like it's gone for good, and it kinda killed my soul :<

I honestly wondered if they didn't make the account for people like us who'd fuck up sending it to the wrong account flajfkldjskl