Best Hacker Movie : Who am i (2014) No system is safe!

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I consider this as the best movie among the hacking genre because of its being authentic interms of the hacking methods , they're close to the real life as they're.
They've effectively showed the concept of Dark web, phishing , how a sec (group) forms and behaves and most importantly SOCIAL ENGINEERING.
For the fans of Anonymous/Fight club you're gonna love this movie. It kind of pays homage to them


PLOT without spoilers

Benjamin is a young computer whiz, who spends more time in dark web rather than in real world or world wide web because he has sense of belonging there, hacking is his comfort zone. But in real life he feels like he is a nobody. He has no friends or social life and also he has a crush on girl named marie. To please her, he tries to hack into university servers to get the exam papers for her but it fails miserably and ends up with 50 hours of community service as his punishment. There he meets a guy named MAX who gets quick interest in him upon knowing that he's into machine language and hacking.
So without waste of time , he introduces his friends who all are computer geeks and then fun begins. Using their skills and chase for fun, they hack into many things just for the fun. They hack into nazi club , pharma company and like that. Since their action is getting into the media and they like getting fame. They decide to form a group titled"CLAY"(clowns laughing at you) but this time their aim is bigger and wants to earn name in the dark web world. So they decide to go for the BND(German secret agency). With this action and one small mistake, leads all of the intelligent agency , russian crime syndicate behind them.


This german movie pulls everything right off what does MR.Robot is doing these days
The creator behind this movie are same as that of silenced(2010) and DARK(2017) which is the best latest netflix tv show right now.


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its is nice

One Amazing Review ! Just loved it! Crisp and concise !!! :)

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