A Bittersweet Life(2005) - A stylish action movie

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If you're craving for a good action movie, then this one will satisfy your desire.
Directed by the one of the top notch South Korean director "KIM JEE WON" gives us the movie with a simple and elegant plot with brutal in action sequences,

which will certainly impact the viewers in a good way.
And that's one of the good reason im so obsessed with the south korean crime drama/thrillers genre movies because of good character development.Not all movies but some of them are so great that it will even surpass the good ones in Hollywood and this movie is definitely is one of them.

It carries similar ambiance like JOHN WICK and LEON,

if these two movies are on your list then you will definitely enjoy this



Sun woo is a perfectionist,mob enforcer, he is the person who get things done in a very efficient manner. And that's one of the reason makes him the most entrusted person by his boss. For he has served his undivided loyalty for seven years to him. As much as the boss likes him, the other gang members envies him for that But he does'nt give a shit about it and does the thing in his own cool way. One day the boss hands him a task, that is to keep an eye his young girlfriend,while he is out of the country. Whether she is loyal to him or not. If not then kill her.

First half of the movie deals with the following of that girl, he constantly keeps an eye on her. Goes wherever she goes and one day she catches him eavesdropping on her and she is not surprised by that fact as she already expected it. But being obedient to boss he continues to do that for several days. While doing this routine, he changes, he realizes upon observing her. He doesn't necessarily falls in love with her but he realizes the love. He discovers he has human side too, apart from being cold hearted mob leader. He can do things that doesn't require always violence and this kind of change leads him to do one mistake.

And this one mistake costs him to all hell broke lose on him. Even his boss who considered him like a family now he his arch enemy for his boss is like of traditional mind. Where loyalty matters the most.When it is broken then it must be punished.
It also gives an opportunity from his enemies to get a hand on him as he is wanted, vulnerable and unprotected. So enemies from all the sides leads to great chaotic action which makes up most part of the second half.

It is a kind of movie,which gets better and better upon multiple viewing . As simple as it is but you find some part of it to like more about it. The actions are the best part of it, every frame and choreography has been done very well. Some actions are so shot well that it will become memorable.

For the love of good action movies, do watch it before, as it's already being remade in hollywood, most of the times the remakes these days are just quick cash grab and no art.

If this post got your interest, then consider upvoting it. Thanks for reading!

Image source: (IMDB)

Great review!

Thanks for the comment ^_^

I like Korean action movies. I will have to see if this is streaming anywhere.

Koreans got some really good movies in this genre. Let me know if you need any help with it.

One Awesome review. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Great job!

Thanks for checking out :D

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