Guess the Movies Contest # 11- Win up to 70% of SBD from the post revenues

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At the seventh contest which was started 7 days ago the winners are:
1 @bvidal - 0.142
2 @amrgiol - 0.071
3 @kozan - 0.035

The correct answers for the seventh contest are:
1 Logan (2017)
2 Mystic River (2003)
3 Hotel Rwanda (2004)
4 Léon: The Professional (1994)
5 Zootopia (2016)

I will offer 70% of the SBD earnings to the first 3 persons who will guess the most movies from the screenshots as follows:
-first place gets 40%
-second gets 20%
-third gets 10%

If there is only one participant during the contest who knows at least 1 movie out of 5 then he / she earns 70% from the post revenues.












  • you have to guess the movies in the order of the screenshots
  • you have to Upvote the post
  • you are not allowed to edit your comment, so your guesses need to be final. In case you want to clarify something, you have to comment again
  • you have 7 days to submit you guesses

If you want the earnings to grow you can Resteem the post (is optional).
I will send the earnings to the respective winners after the contest ends (as soon as these funds become available).
I will announce the winners in a new post which I will create when the contest ends.

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I'm at a loss on this one, don't recognize any of these movies...

nice post ;) quality

Nice work...

  1. A beautiful Mind
  2. ???
  3. Gone Girl?
  4. The Invention of Lying?
  5. Love Me if You Dare

A beautiful Mind
August Rush
Gone Girl
The Invention of Lying
Love Me if You Dare

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