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I'm starting to tell you that I saw this movie at the cinema with my brother and my mother knowing that the director is Denis Villeneuve from the start I had big expectations.
I was very surprised that despite being a Sci-Fi movie has no action scenes and it turns out to be a smarther Sci-Fi movie than most other action cliché-packed movies.
I started to appreciate Denis Villeneuve enormously after I saw Prisoners (2013) which remained in my mind and since then I've been watching all that he has done starting with Incendies (2010) and Awaiting his last film from this year Blade Runner 2049.
I have some movies to see from him who are not so familiar and I hope to see them as quickly as possible and until then I can say that he is one of the best modern directors and one of my favorites.
The visual effects and the music were incredible and among the best of the last year.
What I did not like about this movie is Jeremy Renner whose role seemed mediocre and it was a negative point to the movie compared to Amy Adams which was the strong point of the movie which deserved to have a better partner to make this movie a memorable one for everyone.
In conclusion Arrival Is a Sci-Fi movie which is worth seeing If you have the necessary patience to see a smart movie without action but the visual effects and the music complete this goal.
I hope you will enjoy Arrival if you have not seen it yet and i hope that we will succeed to create a community who love movies.
You can request a genre for the next day and if you want to participate you nead to write down in a comment the genre of the movie you want to be recommended for the next day,but if there are more genres required for that day, the winner will be that one who will have the most votes from the others who want the same genre like you.
You can request just one genre per person in that day.
If a genre which you want to be recommended for the next day is added already you can vote the person who posted first ,so you will increase your chances for your genre to be selected for the next day.

Arrival (2016)-Rating 8/10

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