Movies for the Wanderlust!

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Do you love traveling ?
Exploring new places, culture and people these all things adds upto a new meaning to the life. Its the experience that brings the newness in us.
For me movies matters the most. Its one of the source, from which inspiration can be drawn. So today i bring you the movies related to the traveling, journey which im sure it will add spark to your wanderlust.

The Way (2010)

This heartwarming movie is about a father and his pilgrimage journey towards "El camino de Santiago"

It deals with 3 things , the grief after the loss , journey and relationship. Combined with beautiful pilgrimage travel makes 2 hours of wonderful journey experience.
Please do not miss this one, even though there is a bit drama but it covers very well the pilgrimage part. How people take part in it, the culture around that place, hotels and every thing that will inspire you to look for this place and add it to your favorite travel list ___________________________________________________________________

The secret life of walter mitty (2013)

Walter mitty is the person, who doesn't approaches life, he sticks to the comfort zone no matter what. Instead of getting things , like expressing his emotions to the crush instead he gets into his own imagination world. Escapes from the reality and that's what makes walter mitty so relatable, as we have all done this in our life time. Avoiding life and escaping into imagination fantasy.

It's about transformation of a characters, who choses mediocrity over life , from avoiding life to chasing and living life through a beautiful cinematic journey with the subtle message.
There are few flaws in the movie but the beautiful cinematograhpy and feel good vibes will make you forget everything. Watch this as it will inspire you to go on journey in real world as well our inner world.

Into the wild(2007)

Based on the true story of christopher mcmcandless who was young and had a bright future, abandons everything, every possession he had and goes away from the life of civilization. To seek adventure,a meaningful life and himself

This movie or book by the same name, will make you inspire or criticize the character but surely admire. The journey , the idealism , the conversation between characters, all these things will leave a effect on you.
This movie is brilliant in many ways you should watch this at least once.

There are many great movies about travelling, i find these 3 to be my personal favorites, will make a list of other movies soon in the next part of the post. Till then let me know your favorite ones.

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Great list, I've only seen Into the Wild, but I plan on watching the other two you recommend.

Would love to know to your thoughts on those two other movies.

Thanks for the recommendations! I only know "Into the wild" so far and liked it very much.

Hey martha! Thank you for checking it out. If possible try to watch others two, you will love if you liked into wild.

Cool, I'll certainly watch those!
Another great German word that describes a longing for traveling is 'Fernweh' btw :)

Thanks for that info :D Actually been watching few German movies n tv series these days.
Dark is an awesome show!., do let me know if you got any good German movie suggestion.

You're welcome ;)
I didn't know that one, just googled it - from the written description it reminds me a little bit of 'Under the dome'? Re German movies, I could recommend 'The lives of Others', 'The Wave' and 'Almanya' for a start - and generally, French movie 'The Intouchables' (my alltime favourite!)

All the movies are noted! and that french one "Intouchables" is so feel good movie. Thanks for reminding me about it.

You really did able to come up with ideas related to your username. The 3 movies mentioned also followed your theme travelling well. Nice job in gathering and commenting on the movies! A little upvote from me!

Thank you for the encouraging words! Appreciate that

Thanks for sharing! You remind me that I haven't seen Walter Mitty yet.
Into wild is a great movie!
And since the present moment, the first one with Martin Sheen is also on my watch-list!
Upped and Resteemed!

Thank you for the kind support :) Martin sheen is a great actor, please watch this movie you will not be disappointed.

Yesterday I saw Walter Mitty for the first time! Very encouraging and enpowering movie! A should-watch and the new star in my top 20!

Glad that you liked the movie so much. Even i remember watching it for the first.. it was really beautiful and life affirming. I might rewatch in the comng days.. Thanks for the comment

Always a pleasure! I need to find the way movie somewhere!

Wow those movies surely fits me hahaha I love wandering

Good to know that :D hope you enjoy these movies and inspire you.

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