Forgotten(2017) - A great thriller movie you can watch on Netflix now

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Recently Netflix has been adding some great content, that is original and unique, and it's a great treat for all the movie lovers. With the addition of foreign movies and animes it gives a great exposure to the movie and audience as well. So today i came across such movie, which is worth your time, if you're a fan of mystery or psychological genre then you definitely need to watch this

PLOT (no spoilers):

Jin seouk is a hyper sensitive guy, who needs medications to live normally. Recently the whole family settles to a new place, its a peaceful and loving family and he adores his older brother , they both have a strong bond between them . Its all good untill, when one evening when he goes out for a evening walk with his brother. A group of mysterious men kidnaps his older brother and vanishes. And after the attempt failures to reach the kidnappers. On the 19th day the his sibling returns but with a no memory of the past event. While he returns , jin seoulk starts to notice strange things happening in the house, even he suspects his brother . Whether he is the same person or doppleganger ?

Reasons why you should watch this

* It's a good movie with a good plot, twists and emotions

I watched this movie, without much knowing about it and i was totally surprised by the things which it has to offer. I recommend you to do the same! Don't go for critical reviews or trailers.. just watch it away if you need some good movie

* A well balance between Thriller and horror

Some of the scenes where so exceptional and effective that the word jump scare totally justifies here. Although its not a horror movie but it maintains the eerie atmosphere as the movie progresses

* Engaging plot

So many twists that will hook you up from start to finish. Never a dull moment in the movie.

Here are some reasons you might want to skip it

* Not cool with subtitles

since its in korean, you do have to watch it in subs...

* If you seen enough of psychological thrillers

the ending and twist may remind of you some movie, i wont say which one, as it will be spoiler, but nothing to worry , its still a good watch.

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