Circle ( 2015)- Why you should watch/miss this psychological thriller

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Plot : A group of strangers wakes up to find themselves in a dark room standing in a circle formation and soon they realize its kind of execution trap, which happens every 2 minutes. Someone dies every 2 minutes. Now these 50 strangers have to find a way to know what they are in and have to co operate with each other for their survival. Within limited time they need to find the solution and how they do it, its all in the movie.

So why you should watch this movie

* Watch this if you're fan of psychological genre

The conversation between characters and how they face the situation do tell about our human psyche.
How we behave in the certain situation and what makes us be selfless hero or selfish human.

* Engaging from start to finish

One thing is sure, that this movie keeps you hooked from start to finish.

* Great acting!

Since this movie takes place in a single place nothing much but characters. So everything depends on them and their acting skills. Thankfully it's so believable that you feel for the some of them.

* Provocative

After watching or while watching it, there will be many instance which will make you think about it.what would you have done, if you were in those characters shoes. That kind of interest generates in you

Why you should skip this movie

Although its a solid one time watch, these are the negligible reason may upset you

*Stereotypical characters

There are many scenes in the movie in which characters behave in a very eccentric way or in a cliché way. It probably because of their survivial.

* Dont watch it, If you're expecting big actions or sci fi things

If you're craving for any actions scenes or cgi theme stuff then there isn't any.

My thoughts: Being a fan of psychological genre movies, i throughly enjoyed this movie.Its cleverly done and its on Netflix so if you got an hour to spare then do watch it.

Image source:IMDB


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