Misbehavior - Thank You for Liberating Women - a Powerful Wonderful Movie! (Based on a True Story)

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With all my reviews on movies and series lately, it may seem like I watch a lot of TV. In reality, however, I don't! I am quite fussy with what I choose to watch and I can view one movie of a span of 5 days, depending on my schedule. This doesn't mean the movies are drab, it just means that with a hubby, two kids, a dog to walk and my own business to run - my free time is sparse!

Anyhoo. One movie I did recently take the time to watch and revel in is "Misbehavior". The cast features an exciting cast of British actresses, including Kiera Knightly, Ruby Bentall, and Lesley Manville.

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What's the Movie About?

Enter the 70s.

This movie take place in an era where women decided to fight for liberty with full force! Miss World 1970 is about to be announced but women freedom fighters
Sally Alexander (Knightly) and Jo Ann Robinson (Buckley) and co. have had enough of the patriarchy and being objectified because of their gender. This is where the biggest Women's Liberation movement began!

What makes the movie interesting is how the women who are participating in the pageant differ slightly in their opinions of feminism and become irate with the feminists who start to become a bit of a stick in their works.

The movie also brushes ever so slightly on apartheid, with colour also being a political topic.

What Did I Love Most About the Movie?

I loved the different viewpoints that were given, from both men and women. Some men were just plain a-holes while others were decent guys who were just as supportive of women liberation as the feminists themselves. Then, their were the women who were so used to living in the world they grew up in, that they regarded the feminists as an inconvenience - perhaps as an embarrassment, even?

I also appreciated the theme of "black beauty". I have a black adopted daughter and it was a powerful moment for me when Miss Grenada (
) became the first woman of colour to take the crown as Miss World (with Miss South Africa being a second runner up)!

Did you know that this movie is based on a TRUE STORY?

Yes - I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how this movie is based on a true story. Up until now, I never put much though into the rights and freedom that I, as a woman, have today! I never realised that their were women who sacrificed so much to fight for what I have.

So, to all those who participated in women's movements or have mothers and grandmothers who sacrificed so much so that I could have all the opportunities that I do -

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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If you haven't watched this movie yet, do yourself a favour and do so SOON! Women will feel inspired (and thankful) and men will enjoy the politics regarding patriarchy.

Much love - @sweetpea