Lessons to learn from the movie ACRIMONY

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helo everyone. So there is this movie that has been making a lot of waves on almost all the social networks and has caused a whole lot of controversies. It has left many wondering what the movie is actually all about and why we have a lot of debate about it. Well it's not a story that should be told over the phone or even in person. It's a movie that should be seen by you to judge.

How I got pushed to see the movie...

I got to know about this movie when I first saw it on a cinema catalogue. I overlooked it after reading the short story description. I felt it wasn't my spec of movies and so didn't bother digging deep. Soon after I had seen the movie on the catalogue, I got chatting with my cousin and, out of the blues, she asked if I had seen the movie Acrimony. I was surprised because this was a movie I write off in my mind and didn't want to see. I asked he if the movie was really worth the watch and she said yes and began to describe how interesting the movie was. She was almost about to naratingbthe details of the movie to me when I stopped her from doing so. I hate spoilers.

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From that day, I started looking out for the movie. It has stopped showing in the cinemas around were I stay so I started looking for the downloaded version but couldn't find anyone who had downloaded it. Soon enough, my futile serch for the movie was halted and I started seeing other movies.

Was viewing the WhatsApp status of my contacts one day and came across the status of a lady where she was asking for our opinion on the movie Acrimony and the next day when I got to the office, a colleague asked, "Ebuka, have you seen the movie Acrimony?". At this point, I knew I just had to see this much talked about movie that has sparked so much controversy.

Long story short. I finally got to see the movie and I was really impressed. I was impressed at the fact that I couldn't predict the movie like I always did with other movie. Call it my super power and you may not be wrong.

Just when I think the movie would take a particular turn, it changes direction. It was preety annoying though but I give it up to the writer of the story Tyler Perry , he deserves an Oscar for this singular movie he made.

Like I said earlier, the movie sparked a lot of controversy online and in reality but I am not here to make any arguments or to state my own opinion about the movie but I am here to point the minds of the readers of this post to lessons that could and should be learnt from this great movie. Not every movie these days teaches anything positive. Not every movie these days appeal to the conscience of its viewers but this one really did.

Lessons to learn from Robert

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In the begining of this movie, I must confess that the man looked like a write off. He was so annoying that nothing positive at that point could be learnt from him except deceit and stupidity. Oh yes we all blamed the man for sleeping with another lady which incited the girls action leading to her loss of womb. But hey, can we pull back on the blame game for a while and look at the subtle lessons we could learn from this young man. I personally learnt determination from him.

If you have seen the movie, you would realise that his determination was the bane of his marital predicament. At some point, it would have seemed like his determination was stupid and was never going to pay off. Oh well, if that had happened, I wouldn't be talking about it now, but it didn't go that way. His determination pay off at the end and so we can learn that no matter the situation of things around you, stay focused and determined and you will finally reach you dream.

Lessons to learn from Melinda


Just like the man who started out really poorly. The Lady started out really well and despite the fact that she has her own share of the blame, we can still draw some life lessons from the way she conducted herself throughout the movie.

She was known to be the evil woman with the evil anger issues but was that the case throughout the movie? No! She also played the part of a supportive woman who was bent on helping her husband achieve his dream with all she had. Things turned sour when she list all she had to this effect. Of course, everyone has a limit. Everyone has a breaking point so should we blame her for going all crazy?

Support for our parents dreams is one virtue that lacks in our society these days. People are becoming slvery selfish by the day and this has broken so many homes. Men get to act the alpha male who think that they are the only ones with dreams and the women on the other hand feel they can now seize the opportunity to run the home once they see that their husbands are down to the ground or have an ambition which isn't coming to fruition yet.

We should always learn to help and support each other. The dream of one, actualised, should be the dream of the other fullfiled. A string one to learn here.

General lessons

We can also learn to trust our own instincts and never always listen to what third parties say, no matter who they are. This can be seen when Brenda, the elder sister of Melinda, told her about her supposed cheating husband and she refused listening to what her husband, Robert, had to say. At this point, we could also learn to control our anger and never let our emotions take the better part of us. We could see how it destroyed Melinda and made her start acting like a lunatic.

And oh! How could we forget Diana, the lady who played a vital role on the success of Robert.we could also learn a lesson or two from her.

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Sometimes, when we belive in someone, we should go all out to help that person fulfil his dream . People argue that Diana wouldn't have helped Robert if he hadn't been divorced by his wife but who cares? The point here is the fact that she believed in Roberts dream and decided to help him out even after telling him she couldn't. Ask yourself, would you help your ex out if he treated you like Diana. Remember she was heartbroken too because Robert didn't tell her he was in a relationship when they were caught in bed. So invariably, she though she had a catch but hell, she didn't.

Lessons to learn from Melinda's elder sister?

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Learn to mind your business and stop medling in the affairs of others especially when they are married. I know it's instinctive to want to look out for your younger sister but please, ones you realise she has tied The nuptial knot, stay away from their business and mind yours.

I will stop here for now with these. I hope you go see the movie and also share the life lessons you drew from the movie just like I have done.

Movie Trailer

I rate the movie (8/10)


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