Insomniac Movie Marathon: Star Trek IV-The Voyage Home

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Short review today.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home takes our heroes from the end of The Search for Spock, sets them on a course for home to face the consequences of the actions on Star Trek III And presents then with a crisis: an alien probe is transmitting an unknown language at Earth and destroying the planet in the process. Spock figures out that the language is whale song and the answer won’t be forthcoming as the species, humpback whale, is extinct.

Kirk and company go back in time, hijinks ensue.

This one takes place on the Earth of the 1980s and it is charming and fun. What else is there to say. It’s the little things that bugged me, whales don’t swim like that at the end, that kind of thing.

It’s just a fun, nostalgic trip.
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