The Name Is Bond, James Bond!

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Do you know Shan Kenar? Roger Moore? Pierce Branson or blue eyes have heard the name of Daniel Craig, a rugged face? Many people think of their smile "Yes, they all are bonds, James Bond; British is that spy. "

Well, they are all known in the celluloid world as James Bond. You can not imagine them in any different way. One of the reasons behind this is that they have not been seen to play any more famous role before Bond.


But the biggest reason is that since the sixties, an actor has been selected for the role of James Bond, who was relatively less known in the world of cinema. The idea of

studio is that if the actor selected for the bond character is better known than the bond character, then the audience is more likely to reflect the reputation of the actor more than the franchisee. 

Starting with Sean Connery and Roger Moore, George Legenby, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig - nobody was famous before being a bond. All of them have got the highest status of career, acting as bonds.

By now, we must understand that today's topic is James Bond. So far, six actors have performed in official bond movies. We will discuss today with James Bond's actors.


Sean Connery

 Shawn Kenari's debut as James Bond was debuted in 1962, with 'Doctor No' movie. Although there were few movies on bonds, the film was the first official James Bond, whose production was 'EY Enterprises'. This British production company has produced 24 bond movies since the sixties.


Sean Connery, from the audience as the first bond, received a lot of praise from critics. It is astonishing, however, that Ian Fleming, author of the bond, did not want to take the earliest bond as a bond. The author said that to look at the corners was like a strong Stantman and there was no glaze in it. Connie, however, convinced her to win the first picture with her own performance. Even the author is happy and in the next book, he also gave Scottish father-in-law to Bond, in line with Kaneri. 

Connery was the first James Bond, and according to most fans, he is the greatest. There was a roughness in his acted bond, which was not in the next bond, except one except one (later on in his words). But as a bond, he had a little bit of jocularity, most of his comic was short, casual and relied on his expression. It is the only match between the bonds of all bonds, and most of the matches are found in the novel bond. 

From 1962 to 1971, Sean Connery was a bond in six movies; Those are 'Doctor No', 'From Russia vs Love', 'Goldfinger', 'Thunderball', 'You Only Live Twice', 'Diamonds and Forever' 

George Lazenby 

 In the middle of the six Bond films of Connery and Connery, Australian actor George Lejenby played James Bond in a single movie.

Canary and Connery? Yes, I did not hear the mistake, after the 5 James Bond film, until 1967, Shane turned away from the character of the Korner Bond. So, in 1969, George LeGenby played the bond in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' movie. Later in 1971, Kanari returned and played her last bond movie 'Diamonds and Feveraar'.


So far, Lajenby is the only non-British actor who played the role of Bond. Many people think that his movie is good, but Lejenby was a disgrace as a bond. However, he was not too bad, as far as it was not told. He had a strong determination in his bond character and was more sensitive than other bonds. But that was the case for him yesterday. Because, in order to bring a little exceptional, he has instead misled people. After hundreds of criticisms, the studio agreed to make him more than six films, but Lejenbie did not agree to play the role of Bond after being unable to wake up with his first bond movie.

Roger Moore

After the non-official bond television series, as well as the protagonists of Koni and Lejenby bonds, the makers decided to make some changes in the trend of the movie. So after the failure of Lejenby, after the connery returned to another film, English actor Sir Roger Moore took the mantle in the end. His acting bond movies were a little comedy-style and light-hearted. For nearly 12 years he was associated with the character and starring in 7 movies in total.


Although the films that were played by Roger Moore began to lose early popularity, they started losing. Especially because of the weak movie like 'Mune Reker' 'Octopusi' and 'A View to Kill', the franchise falls into the shelf-parody stage. 

The best aspect of Moore's bond character is that he could have a good joke. And he called him the most handsome bond, but there were some serious problems in his character. First, his bond character was completely gadget-based. If the queue gadgets were not available, then it would have been difficult to survive in action sequences. Secondly, most of the scenes of fights are seen to be severely beaten or knocked on the wall. Of course, without any scratch he would be able to win the fight! 

His acted bond movies are 'Live and Let Die', 'The Man with Golden Song', 'The Spy Who Loved Me', 'Muncher', 'For Your Ice Only', 'Octopis' and 'A View to Kill' .

 Timothy Dalton

After the long-bond adventure of Roger Moore, British actor Timothy Dalton starred in a bond movie released in 1987. With the help of Dalton's hand, Bond again came back to its heavily fundamental style. His first film was commercially successful and critics also received a lot of praise.


Although many still believe that Dalton could not bear the bonds like her predecessors. Moreover, he was not as handsome as Roger Moore, and his bond was a little ridiculous. But he did not rely on gadgets like Moore. His bond was a very difficult heart and realistic.

He acted in two bond movies. One is 'The Living Day-Lights' and the other is 'License to Kill'. 

Pierce Brosnan

 The Irish actress was supposed to play the bond movie created in 1987, but due to the scheduling complications, the roll went away by Timothy Dalton. His first film, 'Golden Eye', which was released almost 8 years later. Pierce Brosnan took place in the mind of Bond fans, with the very first movie.


He has consistently played strong in every movie starring Brosnan. But in the second installment, his movies began to lose lively. Although the next three films made the box office roughly stirred, the critics did not respond well to it. 

Even though he could not afford to give some powerful gifts, Branson adapted to bond as a bond. His bond adaption was very much a mixture of a connor and a moore. However, Roger Moore's weaknesses were missing in him. In addition to the handsome looks, his joke was also manifest, and in the critical moments it appeared in the horror of Timothy Dalton.

His acted bond movies are 'Golden Eye', 'Tomorrow Never Dies', 'The World Is Not Enough' and 'Die Another Day'. 

Daniel Craig

 Along with the Nouelan Batman, when the bond films in the crowd of modern spikes like Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne began to lose, its structural changes were inevitable. Then British actor Daniel Craig appeared on the screen as a bond. Bond comes out from the boredom of the last few decades and is reached in the 21st Century. 

Craig was not able to accept fans as a bond first. Or how? Never before has anyone ever had a hairstyle cast as a bond. Besides, the height of other bonds, which is around 6 feet 2 inches, is only 5 feet 10 inches in height. The roughness of the face with the beaten body also turned out to be black.


But seeing him in action as a bond, the audience began to melt. Craig is particularly interested in sharing the popularity of Shaun Connery as a bond with the third movie. 

From the very first picture, there was a slight exception in Craig, 'Out of the Box', which was not of other bonds. Despite having so much spotlight and pressure on her in the first film, she does not realize her acting role as a bond, her first film. So far he has acted in four films in a very flabby manner. The most interesting thing is that there is a kind of assumption in his character, which is not in any other bond. Its spying style, combat style, character tolerance, body movement, personality - everything is very different from other bonds. There is a kind of 'Badge-Marka' character in his bond role, to whom Pearce Brosnan or other bonds 'Charming' is a spy. Maybe that was the characteristic of their character. But from 'Charming Bond', Craig's badges bond is a bit more realistic. 

Craig himself said of his bond-                 

     "While playing the role of bonds, I often ask myself, 'Am I a good man or a bad guy, who is fighting for the best?' Because after all things, bonds are an asset, an Assassin. I have not played any role in the past, whose dark sides should not be trimmed. Not at the end of the movie, I think in the middle of the movie you will ask yourself 'Who is this bond?' "


 Director Martin Campbell and actor Danielle Craig discusses Bond with the new generation. His acting bond movies are 'Casino Royale', 'Quantum of Solace', 'Skyfall' and 'Spectator'. 

Which of these acted bonds are the best?


Those who have played James Bond until today, undoubtedly all of them were talented, talented, and certainly worthy. But when the question is about the oldest character in the movie world, the comparison is so unstable that it is normal. 

There is no end to speculation about who is the best bond. Some of the recently conducted surveys show that the name of the current "Badass Bond" Daniel Krieg, as well as the highest number of Bond series, Roger Moore is at the top. Sean Connery is also very popular by the special category. 

Moreover, Shon Connery's influence as the first bond is more than others; But after a long time Daniel Kraig shared He has proved that he is a timely bond. In the meanwhile, Peers Brosnan and many others took up the bond mantle, but no one could respond. For this reason, the question of the best bond would be to take the name of Koni and Craig. However, Craig's James Bond is more complex and realistic than a connery. Even all other bonded actors, apart from Lézanne, have also praised his bonds. 

In the end, bonds have no special criteria for the popularity and superiority of the bonds, which have changed over the years with the bonds of bondage. Bond has changed with the change of the era, with the addition of bonds, has become more resilient, horror, dharmandra. At the end of the so-called 'Doctor No' release, bond application still has not ended. The name 'bond' is still enough to bring Adrenaline into our blood, because the name is bond, James Bond!

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