TRAINING DAY Character Art for a Client - Alonzo Harris - Work in Progress

in movies •  5 months ago

"Take that dick and stick it up that funky little ass of yours, bitch. Damn, I'm thirsty!"

~ Alonzo Harris

I've always enjoyed watching Denzel Washington. He has the charisma and acting chops to make you sympathize with his character no matter the role--even the likes of Alonzo Harris in Training Day.

In this character art piece, my client wants a badass shot of Alonzo. So going through the movie (haven't seen it in ages), I come upon the alley scene where he shows a street punk a thing or two about being a badass: He draws his double berettas and threatens to blast off one of his nuts LOL. Doesn't get badder than that...


Stay tuned for the colored version,
Marten Go
Preserved Dragons

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