THE KARATE KID Character Art for a Tee - Ali Mills - Elizabeth Shue

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"Daniel, you're the best!"

~ Ali Mills with an i


With a cutie like her in Daniel's corner, there's nothing a young man can't do... the sky's the limit! However, we should never forget that because of Ali with an i, the rivalry between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence has spanned 34 years--and counting! Was it worth it? She left Daniel for a college football player following their senior prom... bummer!

If anyone has watched the hit Youtube Red series, Cobra Kai, I'm predicting at some point in the second season, Ali will make an appearance to try and right things between Daniel and Johnny because there's a bigger threat looming and it's the return of John Kreese and karate's badboy of the late 80s, Mike Barnes! NO MERCY!

Work in Progress


Finished Character Art Piece


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The Karate Kid Universe


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