Movies that have made me happy this holidays. Part 2

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Hi there dear readers, in this opportunity I bring you the 2nd part corresponding to the series of publications about movies that I have watch in these small holidays that have given me a lot of happiness hahaha; I don't know if you're agree with me but it is too sad to watch a movie that ends up being very bad because it is that when it happens to me I feel that I have lost years of life xD.

Luckily the movies that I have watch these days have been very good, or at least they have entertained me enough, I can say that my faith in humanity grows every time I watch a movie that is worth hahaha.

Today I bring you 3 movies of 2018, 1 comedy, 1 horror and 1 science fiction: 3.

If you want to read the first part here, I leave it to you:

Movies that have made me happy this holidays. Part1

Let us begin:

Night School


Deciding to watch this movie was very easy since all the movies I've seen with Kevin Hart have never disappointed me, the kind of comedy he does I love.

The argument is very simple, a group of adults who didn't pass the secondary and who for X or Y reasons after so long decide to participate in a night course to obtain their degree; the protagonist is a slow learner; are so many details that made me laugh, as for example (small spoiler) one of the classmates is a prisoner who literally participates in these classes through skype from prison hahaha, and stop counting.

If you want to laugh for a while I recommend 100%.




I love the horror genre, but I usually distrust a lot of new movies since I've taken several disappointments with many of them because of how bad they are, with predictable plots and scenes that don't scare a child, however, in these days I met with a couple of friends who wanted to see this, and I said to myself: Why not? And well ... I admit that it was a wise decision.

The plot seemed very interesting to me, a widow who keeps building in her house which started with 8 rooms and ended up as a 7-story mansion and countless rooms, which I found very curious and the reason even more; with good scenes, quite entertaining, it is not one of the best films of this genre that I have seen but it is worth watching.



Black mirror bandersnatch


Since I first saw the series Black mirror I couldn't stop watching it, I watched episode after episode without stopping, in what premiered this movie I felt a lot of emotion because the series has never disappointed me, and I didn't even know what a interactive movie until I watched this, and ... I loved it! It is that think about it, a film that allows you to make decisions and depending on them change the plot? As in video games? I buy it xD.

The different endings (I could only find 5 when I watched it), the quick decision making, the plot, the madness, I just loved it, it didn't disappoint me at all, Netflix played it very well here.

When I finished the movie if I was left with the doubt of seeing the other endings but nothing that Google could not solve hahaha.

Here if I don't want to do anything spoiler, just see it, it's worth it. It doesn't matter if you haven't watched the series, it doesn't relate directly, but rather in a very subtle way, I totally recommend it, but you should see it through Netflix because it is a film _as I told you- interactively.


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