Is Bollywood doing it better than Hollywood .

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Secret Superstar .

A Bollywood movie called “ secret superstar “ was made in 2017 on a very modest budget of about USD 2.5 million . The movie was produced by India’s biggest star, Amir Khan and his wife . The movie starred newcomer Zaira Khan . The storyline involves the story of a Muslim girl who breaks tradition to pursue a singing career .

The business done globally last year was around 80 crore or USD 13.33 million . Aamir Khan has a small role in the movie and a massive following in India and China . In 2016 he released his Movie Dangal in China and it went on to create records and grossed over USD $190 million in China alone .

Aamir released Secret superstar in China in Jan 2018 and so far it has grossed well over USD $117million and counting in China . Hollywood does not really have any budget that is less than $100 m unless they are smaller indie or arty movies . Star Wars , Justice league etc all disappointed at the box office if we take ROE formulas . India has proved that China cannot be ignored as a market and you don’t need $100 million to make 100 million . India continues to produce low cost movies and in my opinion is closing in on one day producing the highest grossing movie ever . Hollywood is using the same old tried and tested formulas , and is failing miserably .

Picture : Hindustan times a scene from secret superstar .

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