10 Crazy Facts About Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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~movie marauder's marvelous facts #5~

Hi movie marauders! Today we are going to look at facts from the 3rd installment of the Harry Potter franchise! I hope you like the 10 facts I chose to share with you! Without further adieu, Accio movie marauder's marvelous facts #5!

1.Director Alfonso Cuaron asked Emma(Hermione), Rupert(Ron), and Dan(Harry) to write an essay on their character. Emma wrote 10 pages, Dan wrote 1, and Rupert didn't even hand in the essay.

2.David Thewlis(Remus Lupin) originally auditioned for the role of Professor Quirrell in the first Harry Potter film.

3.The Dementors were puppets before CGI was used in post production.

4.It took 6 hours to turn David Thewlis into a werewolf (he couldn't see because of the contact lenses he had to wear).

5.When filming scenes with Buckbeak, they used a beak on a stick.

6.Michael Gambon(Dumbledore), Alan Rickman(Snape), and director Alfoso Cuaron played a prank on Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter). They put a fart machine in his sleeping bag during the scene where the school has to sleep in the Great Hall.

7.To make The Knight Bus appear fast, they made the cars on the road go slow.

8.While filming, the rat who plays Scabbers peed on Rupert Grint.

9.Matthew Lewis(Neville) wore fake teeth, shoes that were too big on him, and plastic behind his ears to make them stick out more.

10.Because The Knight Bus was so heavy on the top, 4 tons of weight was added on the bottom so the bus didn't tip over.

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