Robert Pike Daniel Outlaws Don't Get Funerals Got Bored Review

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Outlaws Don't Get Funerals Movie Watch Online


Story :
An outlaw and his ex-con grandfather team up for a big score, but a ruthless killer stands in their way.

I wonder how large the boot were the dubbing mic is, the sound of canned mackrell singing are just ....or maybe they used a 1960 cassette player recording the dialouges. the editor mustve fallen asllep pretty often at the slaughter table, because it take turns at times it shouldnt, and the score mustve been made by the brave young children of the technical staff behind the whole thing. its like listening to a grinder making tones out of different metals, and the last they tried it on was plutonium till they died. the story i cant summarize,because its so utterly wrecked already as a script and further damaged by the popcorn blurry images from the camera.

so howcome i give it a 7??? after a tirade like this??? THE ACTORS ARE MARVELLOUS!!!!! they are so superb in the acting that it made me hang on till the end, great and real dialouges.

the grumpy old man cant reacall any worse lately, ave to go back to the 1970's finnish or norwegian tv-theater to find something similar at the technical front, but try it for the deeds of acting that is the cause i recommend

I didn't expect anything going into this, and in fact could tell immediately that the budget must have been low and the production quality wasn't amazing. But by the time I saw the scene I was watching the movie for (about 10 minutes in) I had been introduced to some engaging characters and pulled into a weaving story who's end I found myself gradually more invested in. A crime drama with more fascinating characters and philosophical nuance than I'm used to. And it's free on Amazon... Pleasantly surprised!


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