Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

in movies •  2 months ago

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This is arguably better than the original, the characters in the film are very well done. Like a lot of Manga movies the drawings are a dark style, however they are also very detailed and it appears that they spent a lot of money.

Like a lot of Vampire movies this one is set in the future, and they rule the night. However the prices on their heads has lead to a new class of humanity. The Hunter class, they have managed to make a major indent into the vampire population. One of the best hunters is a halbreed named "D".

D is called in when a young girl is kidnapped, her family is also very wealthy so D isn't the only hunter that they bring in to find her. As the investigation and body count grows the leads seem to suggest that perhaps she wasn't kidnapped but went willingly. The question is will she come back to her family?

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