The Fifth Element

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Sent to Earth to Protect it, maybe.

This is a somewhat quirky movie, it did have some not so typical Hollywood imagination and creativity applied, this was also reflected in the colours and costumes we see to show us what life is like in the 23rd century.

The story is along the lines of a "fifth element" being sent to Earth every five thousand years to save it from evil. One of the underlying questions is given what we do with life on Earth , should we be be saved?

The evil in the universe doesn't want the fifth element to succeed, it initially looks bleak as the space ship that the fifth element was on is destroyed just before reaching Earth. Something could be said about an escort for protection of something/someone so important to a planets survival. Guessing threat assessment is a strong point in the future.

Luckily enough DNA is saved and the fifth element is able to be recreated, now she only needs to find the four elements in time, and decide to save the planet. The second point could be harder than finding the stones.

As luck would have it she escapes the medical compound where she was brought back to life and literally lands on the taxi of an ex elite forces member. At first reluctant to help her he soon has a change of heart. On to retrieving the four element (fire, water, earth, air) stones, plus learning what has occurred on Earth over the last five thousand years.

Human history hasn't always been pretty, is there a good enough reason to save Earth? Also, the evil forces haven't stopped their pursuit either, and time is running out.

It does have quite a few good action sequences, plus it is a little different from your run of the mill space/aliens themed films that we are all used to. So if you can put aside some obvious holes in the plot, then enjoy the ride.

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