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Who you gonna call?

This is one of those classic comedy films that stands the test of time and remains funny. The film doesn't take itself too seriously, and there is humour on various levels throughout the film.

If by some chance you haven't seen the movie, we have three college professors that are interested in the paranormal. The college gives the three the boot due to funding cuts, and the experiments that were not appropriately conducted.

Having no other work experience, the three decide to go into business for themselves as paranormal investigators. The business name they choose is "Ghostbusters". Initially there is no work for them, this changes quite quickly, and soon they are the talk of the town.

The question arises, are they preying on people's fears and is that the real reason for their success? There is after all no such things as ghosts. Especially according to the EPA, who orders their ghost containment device shutdown, and the ghostbuster thrown in jail.

This of course releases all the spirits that have been captured, and it appears that paranormal activity has been increasing due to the coming of an evil god called Gozer. Gozer is supposed to bring about the end to humanity.

The mayor of the city, decides to release the ghostbusters and allow them to use their equipment, it seems to be a very popular decision. The question is can the ghostbuster stop Gozer and save humanity?

If you only saw the 2016 remake and haven't seen the 1984 version you have missed out. This is definitely worth watching on DVD with the popcorn to enjoy some laughs.

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Great movie :)

Loved it back then, dont understand why they did the remake.


Easy, someone thought that they could make money, they still shouldn't have bothered.