Enter the Dragon

in movies •  3 months ago

Yes, Bruce Lee.

He is arguably at his best in this movie, and he had some creative control over it. Because of this he did impart some of his philosophy into the movie. Most obvious when he teaching a young student at the beginning of the film, he asks the student how did it feel? The student replies "let me think" for which he gets a smack on the head and is told don't think, feel.

It would not surprise me if the current twenty somethings haven't seen this movie. Most people older than that interested in action movies especially martial arts films should have seen this. This movie laid the foundation for all martial arts movies, and certain concepts have as a result been copied.

The plot isn't super complicated, the movie after all does showcase Bruce Lee's abilities amazingly well. In essence the plot is as follows. Mr. Lee, appears to be a shao-lin warrior with connections to the English government in Hong Kong. As a result he is approached to gain intelligence on a Mr Han, Mr Han holds a martial arts tournament in order to find the best in the world. He is also suspected of running drugs from his own personal island.

Just to make sure Lee is going to go to the Island it is revealed that Mr Han's body guard killed Lee's sister. So off to the island we go, where Bruce Lee showcases his incredible skills. The end result is no great surprise, good triumphs over evil, and the "police" arrive just in time to provide a ride home.

This is one of his best films, and should be seen by all action or martial arts movie lovers, period.

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