Hidden Gem Halloween Movie Recommendations

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As we are closing in on Halloween, I wanted to share my top five list of low-profile horror movies of the last decade that I really enjoyed. Some of the best movies have never been blockbuster contenders but are true hidden gems in my opinion. I won't spoil my picks with a detailed synopsis as I firmly believe you get a better overall experience not knowing what to expect.

Presenting my top 5 countdown of low profile horror movies of the last decade!

#5 - Contracted (2013) - This movie is pretty disgusting and will make you never want to have a one-night stand again. Needless to say this flick is quite unique and leaves you wondering just how nasty will they go with this? Stick with the original here - the sequel sucked giant alligator cods (like that's never happened before) and isn't even close to being as entertaining as this one.

#4 - Blood Creek (2009) - This is a unique zombie/supernatural adventure that will keep you glued to your seat waiting to see what comes next. It involves a Nazi searching for runestones in order to bring evil into the world. If you know your history, the Nazis had an obsession with the occult and supernatural. You will come away pleasantly surprised by this film. The special effects are well done with just the right amount of action.

#3 - Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010) - This movie is pure comedy and gore. I had an absolute riot watching this. The film is chock-full of laughs and good times. Dale (Tyler Labine) is at his best in this one - he is hilarious in almost every scene! Definitely not a full on scary movie but one I think a lot of people would enjoy.

#2 - The Hills Run Red (2009) - This is a great movie to enjoy with your friends while having a few adult beverages. This slasher flick is is the perfect mix of humor, action and gore. Add the cool looking villain and we've got a weiner!! For the faint hearted, it has quite a bit of gore but isn't too cheesy or overdone. This is a fun film that I have watched multiple times and have yet to get tired of. As a matter of fact, guess what I will be dressing up as for Halloween? ;)

................................................last but certainly not least........

#1 PICK - Wer (2013) - Yes, that is the correct spelling for this movie. This is a really great modern werewolf flick. I was instantly pulled in and loved every second of this movie. It has excellent suspense and action. Wer is definitely one of my all-time favorite werewolf flicks....if you love werewolf films, you have to watch this one!!

If you are bored I hope you give these movies a shot! I will post more in the near future!

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