Series Review: Chernobyl

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Hi TV Boffins

It doesn't happen too often these days but shows worth binge-watching do still happen, you just need to know where to look. HBO sends us on a ride to Ukraine, during the times of the Soviet Union. Since the Russians ruined the elections with their Facebook campaigns and bots I think the show comes as a fitting clap back. Pretty sure Putin isn't too pleased about Americans making a show about Eastern European incompetence and lies.

Nor could they be too appeased about portraying Russians and Ukrainians with a posh English accent either lol, they didn't even bother because well who can take Russian accents seriously? I know I can't, Mr Bond!

So let's dive into this one, shall we? We have lots to cover


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What is Chernobyl about?

In April 1986, an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic becomes one of the world's worst man-made disaster and the damage from will continue for years to come. This is a biopic on the events leading up the fatal explosion that claimed way more than the reported 31 lives lost.

What I thought of Chernobyl?

From the first episode, I was already hooked, the set design, the clothing and the overall the cinematic quality was top notch, I guess HBO shows not needing CGI dragon costs can really help the budget being spent on quality visuals! I found myself captivated by many of the scenes, while not visual spectaculars they draw you in with a sense of realism you don't often get with TV series these days.

The writing wasn't brilliant but it was great, but it is consistent and I'm sure it was a little jazzed up for entertainment purposes but never outlandish! Each actor did an amazing job at portraying each character and their feelings, which ultimately, led to an even greater ambience. When the show ended, I was in Chernobyl! I felt like I was contaminated by radiation.

My rating for Chernobyl

The show does an amazing job of immersing you in the life and times of those involved in the Chernobyl disaster. It's not all about the science but the geopolitical nature of the times, the effects of displacing 1000s of people, a government cover-up and so much more. Made all the juicier when you know that this is based on a true story.

I really enjoyed the series and I would have to give it 9 control rods out of 10

If my high rating is not enough to convince you and you're looking for some interesting facts about the show before you watch it check out this article or this one

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Dear @chekohler, thank you to share with us this Memory of 34 years ago, that time i was too young to realize such disaster and this movie should be Watch from people Who think nuclear Power Is our future.
When anyone have not yet find a solution where put safely the shit made by nuclear Power plant, how Is possible to promote such way of making Energy?
People should know the filosofy of Nicholas Tesla to understand how Energy Is something almost Natural....

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Yes its pretty insane that we're still so reliant on all these kinds fo fuel sources that are bad for us. Uranium based nuclear reactors may provide cheap energy in terms of cost to consumer but what about all the environmental costs and the mining and treating of it before you can even get started.

They are looking into thorium reactors which could be the next step in energy production while renewals still need a lot more investment to make it worthwhile

I've only heard good things about this show so far. It's definitely on my list to watch very soon.

The last episode is out so you can binge it and feel bad about it later lol!

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That's a plan for the weekend.

I just started watching this yesterday and binge watched 3 episodes in a row.
They do a very good job going over what happens in a system like this when things don't go to plan.
I don't think it's completely anti-Russian. If Russians don't want to talk about this, well, too bad for them.

I wouldn’t say it’s anti-Russian I mean they pretty bang on with the story it just a sort of bonus that it shows their incompetence! Well they can’t keep it quiet not like the place isn’t still radio active and if they don’t continue to keep the containment building maintained it will begin to spread once again

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I just finished binge watching the entire thing.
What I mean by anti-russian is anything that doesn't praise Putin and the USSR is deemed anti-russian these days. I'm even hearing rumors the Russian state wants to fund their own drama. I guess it's a joke, but it would be interesting if some conspiracy people wanted to stick with the whole lying bit from the USSR.

Even though they have come pretty far from the communist state they are still pretty insulated! yandex and Vkontakte also help drive a lot of the narratives and censorship they want! I read the other day they removed all the gay scenes when they released Elton Johns movie in Russia lol I was like then what’s left of that movie?

I’m pretty sure they keep quite a bit from the outside world though! Even Russia Today mostly deals with other countries and nailing the US which I don’t mind but they hardly air things about themselves!

It’s like a kid with a fragile ego like I want to poke fun of everyone but don’t make fun of me

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I agree with you. Chernobyl does not need CGI. It is such a good show that I have not stopped talking about it since I saw it. if you ask me, the series achieved the same as the suicide of the physicist Legasov, an interest in the matter that the Russians do not like. it means for them to reopen a wound that was closed. I even knew that they are planning their own version where they will talk about the USA's participation in the catastrophe.

Oh really? Hmmm i'd like to see their version of events and how they plan to shift the blame? Seems pretty hard at this point

I actually saw this one yesterday when I had a day off, I had heard it was suppose to be great but was like... Ehhh.. Ok I watch it.

Then like you I was hooked and had to se more
I also have to say there was some things about this accident that I didn't know... And what terrible death of the three people who had to go in and try to empty the water.
It's a strong serie and I definitely recommend it.

Thank you for sharing your rewiew and tipping about great movies.

Have a wonderful day. Cheers!

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Lol well I was always keen to find out what actually happened at Chernobyl so I was hooked pretty easily and the first episode sold me on it being a really good show. Yeah the 3 swimmers and also the miners who had to cover it all, the people who had to get rid of the graphite and even those who had to build the containment unit, pretty sure many died or shortened their lifespans drastically having to cover up that mess

Yes The People Who worked in ways to cover it up knowing they would die, cant have been easy for familys and friends.
And that they actually could have prevented it from happening also.... Never The People responseble for things takes The consiquences... Always The People.... It was a Great serie and its always interesting to learn about history.

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I also did read more good things about it! But Netflix released the third season of "Designated survivor". So that will be first on the list!

Well it’s only 5 episodes so it shouldn’t take too long to finish! I haven’t seen any of designated survivor but I’ve heard good things!once I finish black mirror I might check it out

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Hello, @chekohler. Excellent review of this good HBO series. I've already seen the first chapter and I'm hooked, waiting for the weekend to arrive soon which is the time I have to see it. It will be a Chernobyl marathon. It was very sad for me to see what happened in the beginning and imagine the life of those who lived it at the time.

Thank you so much for checking out my review! Enjoy binging those last 4 episodes it’s going to be quite the thrill ride! Let me know what you thought of it once you’ve finished it

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Thank you so much for supporting my content I really appreciate it

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