Crazy Ex Girlfriend Review

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So in-case you haven't heard of it before, Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a musical comedy TV show which is available to watch on Netflix. Me and my friends fell in love with this show a while back and even now, months on, we still know all the lyrics to, 'The sexy getting ready song,' and, 'Heavy boobs.'

If you don't like cringe, then this show DEFINITELY isn't for you. Whilst very catchy, the songs tend to be badly written and often about crude subjects. Despite this there are a lot of laugh out loud moments and comedy that you just won't find in other shows. The show was created and written by Rachel Bloom, who also plays the main character Rebecca Bunch. She is insanely talented, as are the rest of the cast, which includes Santino Fontana (who voiced Hans in Frozen)!

Rebecca is crazy in love with her ex-boyfriend Josh Chan. So much to the extent that she moves ACROSS THE COUNTRY for him. However, when she gets to Josh's home in West Covina, she discovers that he is already in another relationship. Josh's new girlfriend is the Regina George of the show, Valencia. Lets just say... Rebecca gets a little bit jealous!

What i'm trying to get across however, is that it's so nice to be able to watch a musical TV show. There are so many musical films out there, but just not many musical shows (other than Glee).

When watching TV shows, I love originality and new, fresh ideas. There are so many cliche shows and movies as well as copycat productions that sometimes make me wonder if writers are just running out of ideas. Every now and again however, you get a breath of fresh air with shows like Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

I would highly recommend watching it and would rate it a 9 out of 10. Once you get past the cringiness and really get into the show, hopefully you'll share my love of it and will realize what a talented bunch the cast and writers are!

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Great review!! Keep up the good work!!


Thanks Alice! Will do x

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Thanks Robin, make sure you post soon ;)



I saw this show on Netflix when I was looking around will definitely check it out. Of course the name is catchy lol not sure why I didn't watch before. Thanks for the review will watch ! Looking forward to reading more of your post following


aw thanks, yeah it's a great show. Looking forward to season 3! I love your posts as well :)

Watched some episodes of this. It's really funny.


I agree, one of my favorite shows at the moment :)

WOW Thank you :D

great!! I will watch that show

Always looking for good series. My family drive crazy with stuff to watch!
Will be following along, thank you!

I have never heard of this show. Definitely need to check it out on my lazy days! Thanks for the post. Following you for more info! :)

As usual it is always exciting to watch your blog thanks for sharing@scotty777

I saw this show on Netflix this and i like it

An interesting post


Thankyou :)