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There are a few movies i like a lot, really, a lot.

And this is one of them.


And this is the trailer:

This classic premiered on June 27th, 1982. And coincidentally, I rewatched it again this past week. And you know what? it's still a classic, and it has aged well.

This is a remake and it's better than the original movie. And the original was great! The original movie poster for the 1951 movie:

The Thing 1951.jpg

Here is the trailer for the oldie:

And just so we tie this to my main theme posts, these are the covers of the comics that Dark Horse published , in 1991, 1992 and 1993, respectively.

The Thing From another world, 1991. Adapts the movie!

Thing 1991.jpg

The following year, DHComics published Thing From Another World Climate of Fear, in 4 issues, 1992.

![Thing 1992.jpg]

And the last mini series, was The Thing From another World Eternal Vows, 1993, which closes the trilogy!

Thing 1993.jpg

The movie is great, and the comic books follow suit in quality. But a minor fact notmany people know, is that this movie and the one from 1951, are adaptations from a jewel of Science Fiction prose: Who Goes There? By John W. Campbell, 1939.
Here is the full text of the story ( now in public domain)

Oh! And just in case you watched or rmember the prequel from 2011 -- Forget it! It's forgettable!

Thanks for reading my posts!

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