Challenge! Countdown for Avengers Endgame | Watch all the MCU movies

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I´m a huge nerd, I like reading comic books, playing trading card games and I enjoy role playing games on a friday night

Hmm, I think that statement would be a very specific and weird one 20 years ago, but nowadays and thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and some attempts by the DC Cinematic Universe - "normal people" learned to love Comic Books and apparently nowadays, being a "nerd" is cool.

Don´t get me wrong, I actually like that Comic book stories are now mainstream and it is no longer nerd-like to have this kind of hobbies. The thing is, for someone who grew up surrounded by Comic Books, RPG, TCG, Toys, and Comic conventions, watching Comic Book based movies brings mixed feelings into the picture.

My dad opened the first comic book store in Mexico city almost 30 years ago. You can imagine how my childhood was and what having these movies come true means for me, and why I´m extra interested in seeing how the Russo brothers wrap up this 10 year universe build-up.

If you have no idea what I´m talking about, then this challenge is for you. It´s your chance to watch the 21 movies that came out over the past 10 years and understand why the movie Avengers: Endgame is the most waited for movie of the century

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-05 at 19.38.16.jpeg

This watchlist is ordered no by how the movies were premiered, but they are listed from the time of the events (chronological order), where the first movie happened during WWI and the last movie happening in 2019.

The Challenge is simple: Watch one movie per day so you can be ready for Avengers: Endgame and you understand why is everyone so excited about it.

If you already watched the movies well, what are you waiting for? It´s always good to refresh our memories and to watch the last movie with everything on the MCU fresh and on top of our minds.

The watchlist is as follows:

5Captain America: The First Avenger6Captain Marvel
7Iron Man8The Incredible Hulk
9Iron Man 210Thor
11Avengers Assemble12Iron Man 3
13Thor: The Dark World14Captain America: The Winter Soldier
15Guardians of the Galaxy16Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
17Avengers: Age of Ultron18Ant-Man
19Captain America: Civil War20Black Panther
21Spider-Man: Homecoming22Doctor Strange
23Thor: Ragnarok24Ant-Man and the Wasp
25Avengers: Infinity War

April 26th - Avengers: Endgame

I know, I know, it´s already 6th for most of us, you´re already behind for this challenge but worry not, all you have to do is watch one more movie during this weekend!

The challenge

Watch one movie per day and write a review about it here on Steem using the tag AvengersEndgame, I will browse this tag and nominate one of these revies for @OCD where, if your post is picked, you will get a big vote from @acidyo, @ocd and @blocktrades. You will also be whitelisted to be eligible to use @ocdb to add visibility and rewards to your posts.

See you on the 26th for the Endgame!

Picture found on the interwebz, credit goes to Comic Book page

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Ohohohooo. Wow. I'm thinking I will join but... I'm already a day late. Maybe I should watch a bunch in one day. 😂 Lemme sleep on it first. 😴😴😴


We can always catch up during the next days! I already saw one of your posts and I saw it got a curie! Nice :D


Yeah. Hehe. 😊

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The Hubs already bought tickets for End Game
He and of course now The Kids are BIG fans
To watch one a day.... hmmmmmm
Ok, I don't know if I will be able to watch every single one... but am going to work at it
The Hubs is going to be wondering what's come over me hahahaha

And how cool, your Dad owned a Comic shop? Your Dad must have been the coolest amongst your friends :D

Well that just about puts me out of this, I really stopped watching movies over 15 years ago. Occasionally I will watch a few minutes of one if they are showing it on TV and I happen to pass it during my usual routine of checking all channels using the remote.


Oh man 15 years without movies. I can say that must feel good, to actually be able to disconnect yourself from hollywood bias sounds legit.

Finally saw Captain Marvel 2 weeks ago and Infinity War one more time before Endgame! As a comic book collector in my youth that culminated with the Inifinity Series’, I am really excited for this movie and will probably watch it more than once in the theater. Great initiative! I will be on the outlook for participants and support them!

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I ve only seen a couple of those but they were so bad imo I stopped watching.

The first Captain America is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.



It's all about Game of Thrones!


hell yeah ! G.O.T. Yo !


Heil Hydra!


I´m actually waiting eagerly for the new season!


I liked them and since I grew up with some of the characters, its pretty cool to see them (sometimes wrongfully) portrayed in the big screen. Could they be better? Yeah. Am I excited for the final movie? Also yeah :P


Yeah only a handful are pretty good actually. 😂 Some are just so-so and others are really not good at all. 😂

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Wow following the movies chronologically makes a lot of sense. I can't seem to remember seeing Avengers Assemble. That is worrisome. I am yet to see Captain Marvel too. Besides those two I have sat unblinking through the rest. I doubt I would be able to get all the movies again before 26th but I'd try.


Oh, it means only "avengers", apparently avengers assemble is a cartoon movie, so I´m pretty sure you watched avengers right?

I dont really want to watch captain marvel, too much sociopolitics involved with Brie Larsson and damn, why cant they just let us enjoy our movies? Why should everything be politicized at one point?


Exactly. I have been reading too many noise attached to the movie and it has basically killed the vibe. I was excited to see her performance after Fury's beeper scene at the end of Infinity War but people talk too much.

I have seen Avengers but that cartoon I would have to look for.

I love this challenge, I just hope that the electric rationing in my country will allow me to meet at least 50%. Anyway I've seen all the movies, and I already have my date (not love) ready to see the last one.


Ahahaha ohh why not a love date? :(
Hopefully you´ll beable to watch them all before the big date!

I would like to do it but...

But I'll try to do at least one.


Oh come on! Everyone's got time for super heroe movies :D

And when do I watch Game of Thrones xD


oh man i can´t wait for the new season, only 6 days!

But though i have watch iron man. And i did not think steemit will give me the chance to watch movies


Priorities then, Steeming is more important than watching movies :D

I don’t think I’m eligible right?? 😭😭


You can still watch them and jump in the bandwagon though :P

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If only I could participate.... but heading off to Japan tomorrow.

But as it turned out I did see Captain Marvel on the weekend and re-watched (again) Ragnarok last night.... does that count?