5 Movies Cat Lovers Must Watch

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5 Movies Cat Lovers Must Watch

Summer time is creeping in and our days are getting longer, we gave a run down on “4 Awesome Dog Movies To Watch at Home” last time and it’s about time we got down to talking about some of our favorite cat-tastic movies. If you’re an animal/cat lover, these purrfect movies might serve as a wonderful treat to watch with your friends, family or pets. Let’s take a look at 5 movies cat lovers must watch.

A Street Cat Named Bob

Adapted from a true story, go on a journey with a Street Cat Named Bob who is played by himself. An amazing story that follows James, who suffers from a spiral of emotional breakdowns and eventually encounters a Ginger purring companion, Bob. Life can bounce back and this story is a heartfelt journey against all the hardships that anyone can fall into. The magical relationship between people and animals is highlighted in wonderful ways. When we think of true stories, cats and the United Kingdom, we remember, A Street Cat Named Bob.

Puss in Boots

A childhood story favorite that has been retold in many ways. This rendition is a spin-off from the hit series “Shrek” of DreamWorks. Prepare to follow the purrfect adventures of yet another ginger cat, voiced by Antonio Banderas. We can’t help but think of The Mask of Zorro when it comes to this version of Puss in Boots, it’s a great story all the same. Puss in Boots first made his debut in Shrek 2 (2004), displaying terrific swordsmanship along with a personality that is bold and charismatic, all packaged into a cute and fluffy kitty. This notorious yet adorable outlaw is fearless throughout and has made a number of appearances including a sequel, Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos (2012). It was reported that a new Puss in Boots was in the works, directed by Bob Persichetti, but no other details have surfaced as of yet. He is most recently known for the box office smash hit, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (we loved it too). More info here.

Cats Don't Come When You Call

Cats Don't Come When You Call (猫なんかよんでもこない) was released in 2016 and is a movie based on a Japanese Manga series of the same title by mangaka, Sugisaku. An original story straight from Japan that stars two cute little cats that lead a heartwarming comedy journey, full of bright and beautiful scenes. Main protagonist Mitsuo, strives to be a successful boxer and is also a dog lover. Through a series of events, he finds himself looking after his brother’s rescue cats. Two bundles of cutness saved after being abandoned, this is a story that portrays the bond between people and animals in a sweet and delicate manner. Be sure to grab some subtitles if you can’t understand Japanese!

The Cat Returns

We are huge Studio Ghibli fans and Hayao Miyazaki delivers a magical journey into the world of cats. Follow our main heroine Haru, an ordinary high school student. Prepare for magic, as she unravels the world of cats after rescuing a kitty from the brink of death. We love most things from Studio Ghibli and this fantasy story is a beautiful mix of imagination, emotions and outstanding art. This Japanese Anime movie is not to be missed by cat lovers and Ghibli fans alike.

Nine Lives

Pets are the purrfect protagonist of any story. As an audience, we already feel great sentiment and care towards our adorable main character. Nine Lives is a meowtastic comedy move that sees a hard working billionaire (Kevin Spacey), beamed into the body of a precious kitty cat. His only way out is to rekindle his connection with his family that had been neglected over the years. This movie is full of humor and heart-warming moments for all of the family to enjoy. We love the messages that this movie sends and are sure that you too will be filled with warmth after going through the movie, Nine Lives. In a time where social interactions aren’t easy to come by, have a hot drink and kick back for a feel good story that shows cats all over are kind and caring, you just need to reach out sometimes. Meow! 🧡

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