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Banshee isn't my A kind of movie, that's probably why I'm just reviewing it. I don't dislike the series, either. I'd have written about it if I wasn't pleased with it. It's just the regular television series out there. Not that great, but okay. Usually, I check the reviews and ratings of movies or series before I watch them. After seeing the one for Banshee, I concluded it will be great since it was action packed. The storyline was intact; it got me glued and I was always eager to know what will happen next.

The character that wasn't written well or rather I wasn't pleased with was "Rabbit". He was a thief, drug lord, goon and any bad thing you can think of. He runs big businesses and lots of people were afraid of him. The FBI chased him for years but couldn't pin a crime to him. Even when they got proof, they couldn't catch or see him. Rabbit was a beast. He had a daughter that works for him. She and other guys (Rabbit's men) steal and do all sort of bad deeds for him. I actually don't expect him to send his only child to such dangerous missions, but he did something more. He set her up when he noticed she was trying to run away from him with another man.

I know some people can be brutal, but killing your only child for some stupid reasons? It might be understandable if Carrie Hopewell wasn't his only child and if she didn't look exactly like her mother (a woman he loved deeply). In fact, Rabbit loved her daughter until he found out she was trying to steal from him and elope with another man, Lucas Hood. Lucas was another guy he loved. Making him set them up and plan to kill them was a wrong twist on a character. It would have made sense if they tried to kill him, but all they wanted was to steal and run away.

Well, the interesting things about this series all happened in Banshee. It's a fictional local town and that waa where the title came from. Lucas Hood wasn't actually the real Lucas. He stole the identity of a man he saw die and it turned out the man was about to be the Sheriff of Banshee. After 15 years in prison, he thought the only way to enjoy the setup by Rabbit was to be with the lady he planned to elope with. If you are wondering why only Lucas went to jail, then you have to watch the series.

A lot happened in Banshee, some I agree with. The script wasn't poorly written, but some characters were twisted. A man like Proctor should have killed Lucas when he found out he retired as the Sheriff. Common, after everything Lucas did to him, he should have at least proved he is as bad as they made him. Sometimes, they make him bad and mean. I wonder why he will be made to forgive and forget in times he should have acted as the bad man he was. Well, Proctor is another man to watch out for in the series. You'd love it, I promise. Especially if you are a fan of action movies. There was no single dull moment. I liked it, too. At least I finished it in 3 days; that proves I was glued to it. It's not just too good to be rated an A. If the television series is an exam and I am to mark the answer script, it will get a C.

Have you seen Banshee? Let's discuss in the comment section below. Who was your favorite character?

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